The Objective, “Protect the ship at all costs” in Destiny 2.

Protect the ship at all costs is an Objective in the Story Larceny in Destiny 2.



  • You will need to fight through numerous waves of Cabal here.
  • You can either fight from where the ship is or jump over to where the Cabal are and fight them as you make your way back to the ship along the walkway.
  • The first part of the wave will have you fighting only a few Legionaries.
  • Clearing them out will release a few Gladiators, Psions, Legionaries, and War Beasts.
  • Be mindful of the Psions if you have some distance between them and you.
  • Psions will try to snipe you if given the chance.
  • Keeping close makes it easier for you to deal with them.
  • The next wave of Cabal will come in via carrier.
  • This will have you fighting more Legionaries, Phalanx, and a Centurion.
  • The final wave will have Controller Gronn in it, a Centurion.
  • Killing Gronn will trigger the final wave which drops directly on top of Thumos's ship.
  • Fight on through this final wave to clear the way to get access to the ship.
  • You will be fighing a number of Incendiors, and Psions.
  • The biggest threat will be Enforcer Rusk.
  • Defeat Rusk and any surviving Cabal to finish this story mission.


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