The Objective, “Prove your worth” in Destiny 2.

Prove your worth is an Objective in the Raid Leviathan in Destiny 2.


Calus has challenged you to prove your worth in the Gauntlet.


  • Enter into the Gauntlet.
  • The fireteam needs to break into 2 parts: 2 Runner Guardians and 4 Guardians for the Platforms.
  • Those running, decide either to call out the marked row or the other 2 rows.

  • There are 4 piston platforms in front of a wall with one of the four symbols on it: Chalice, Crossed Axes, Sun and War Beast.
  • Each piston needs to be pushed down by a Guardian standing on it.
  • This will begin the first phase the encounter.
  • Once the platforms are down, call out which segments of wall spawn something in front of them. Likely Chalice and War Beast.

  • Start by fighting the Cabal that come rushing out of the doors around the perimeter of the Gauntlet.
  • Fight through the Legionaries and Psions to cause an Imperial Centurion to appear from the doorway.
  • The Centurion is must harder to kill than the others and is protected by a Solar Shield.
  • Defeating the Centurion will cause an Orb to appear between the track wall and the Piston Platform of Chalice and War Beast sections.
  • The runners need to approach and grab the Orbs, Psionic Charge, to trigger the next portion of the encounter.


  • Once the force field around you drops, start running toward the wall farther from you with 9 openings.
  • Watch the wall carefully, one row will slowly pulse Red.
  • Which row and circle it is is completely random.
  • Either call out the other two rows for those outside the track to shoot or call out which one pulsed and those outside know not to shoot it.
  • Whichever was decided, DO NOT CHANGE MID-ENCOUNTER!
  • When the circles flash green, run through the one Circle that flashed Red to collect a charge.
  • Run around the entire Gauntlet and get to your finish line.
  • This will bring you back to the rest of the team.
  • Run into the central room in the Gauntlet.
  • Run to the altar in the middle and jump onto it, your Guardian will slam the charged orb into the altar.
  • The Runners will be passing through 3 different walls to complete this section.
  • The Runners will be going through the Gauntlet 3 times.
  • The second time, the light colored sections of the floor will drop away.

In the Center[edit]

  • Those outside the Gauntlet have it no easier than the runner.
  • There are numerous adds that will be coming after you.
  • Be sure that at least 2 Guardians are following the Runner in their circuit around the room.
  • When the runner makes their call, fire at the appropriate arrows.
  • Hitting the wrong arrows will cause the Psionic Charge to detonate and kill the whole fireteam after a short delay.
  • Immediately turn your attention to the Psions that appear outside on the track, below the arrows or on the Piston Platform.
  • Charge the Psion, War Councilor in the shield and melee them to quickly kill them.

Final Run[edit]

  • When the runners have completed their third circuit, the arena enters into Psionic Overload for 90 seconds.
  • There will be a message of Psionic Charges begin to overload
  • Everyone needs to run to the central room and grab a Psionic Charge.
  • The entire 6 person fireteam now needs to run the Gauntlet.
  • The entire wall will open and randomly have Orbs in the openings
  • Everyone needs to grab orbs to keep theirs from exploding and killing them.
  • The first wall is the easiest, the second and onward will have gaps in the floor that either open up as the team is approaching the wall or will be open already.
  • At least 3-4 Guardians need to successfully run the Gauntlet.
  • Those who make it all the way through need to charge to the middle room and slam their orbs to finish the encounter.


  • With the last of the orbs put into the altar, the chest will appear.
  • Along with your loot, you will receive the Ventilator Key.

Prestige Mode[edit]

  • There are a few changes for this version of the encounter.
  • After each runner has gone, they will receive the debuff Proven Worthy.
  • This debuff blocks those with it from running again until the final run.
  • In addition to the normal shielded Psion, a Psion Projection will appear after each marker is cleared.
  • This Projection must be killed as well to avoid having a party wipe.
  • The Projection appears within the section the runner is passing through.
  • When it comes to running, take your time moving between the different walls.
  • The Final run once again has the entire time proceeding through the area.
  • The team will need to alternate who is grabbing the charge to complete this challenge without losing too many people.

Challenge Mode[edit]

You cannot touch the plates more than once during the encounter.

  • This means that each of the Fireteam members will need to rotate what job they are doing during each section of this encounter.
  • The 3 jobs are: Runner, Psion Killer and Plate holder.
  • The fireteam will need to break into trios
  • Guardian 1 is the runner, Guardian 2 is the Plate Holder, and Guardian 3 is the Psion Killer.
  • At the end of each cycle (The running of the Gauntlet determines a cycle), everyone shifts in their job.
  • The Runner becomes the Plate Holder, the Plateholder becomes the Psion Killer and the Psion Killer becomes the runner.
  • The Runners are what set the different cycles of this encounter.
  • No one, between the teams, should repeat a job throughout the encounter.
  • Avoiding any repeats is key to ensuring success of this challenge.