The Objective, “Purge the Tormentor” in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

Purge the Tormentor is an Objective in the Dungeons Pit of Heresy in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.




  • Drop down from the bridge to the walkway below.
  • Turn to the left at the second point and start along the path here.
  • Make your way around the corner and descend into Cradle of Damnation.
  • Head to the end of the long walkway and perform the long jump to land on the far end of the bridge.
  • Jump down and get to the tower section where you will find Zulmak, Instrument of Torment.

Defeat Zulmak, Instrument of Torment[edit]

Lead up to Damage Phase[edit]

  • Zulmak is surrounded by Heretical Knights, as well as towers with inside them.
  • Start by killing off at least 1-3 Heretical Knights
  • Grab the Hive Blade and head into 1 of the Towers with the Oracle of the Broken Blade.
  • In the Tower, DEFEND with the Hive Blade to reflect the blasts from the Oracle of the Broken Blade to destroy it.
  • This will drop a Void Charge, which you will need shortly.
  • Before grabbing it, do some add control and kill off the Acolytes that are flooding into the chamber.
  • With that under control, grab the Void Charge and run to the center of the area.
  • Go to any receptacles just off the center to find where to dunk the Void Charge.
  • Each has a glowing light, so run to it and dunk that charge to extinguish the Light there.
  • You need to head to another tower to find and destroy the Might of the Broken Blade.
  • Once again, Claim the Void Charge and use it to extinguish one of the Light around the center.
  • After that, go and deal with Omen of the Broken Blade.
  • Defeat this Wizard and claim the Void Charge that they drop.
  • Extinguish one of the lights around the center.
  • When all the Lights are out around the center, then it is time to begin the Damage Phase.

Damage Phase[edit]

  • With the lights extinguished along the outside of the center, step into the center near the Crystal.
  • This will give you the buff: Heinous Rite.
  • Now, you are in the Damage phase against Zulmak, Instrument of Torment.
  • Throughout this fight, you will still need to work on some add control.
  • There are Cursed Thrall that will be coming up from the sides.
  • At this point, just unleash the barrage of fire that any Guardian is capable of.
  • Continue this until you see the message, "The Crystal Surges with Dark Energy" in the bottom left of the screen.
  • At this point Zulmak, Instrument of Torment will raise their sword and drive it into the ground, being englufed in flame.
  • Get out of the center of the arena before the energy surges from the Crystal to avoid getting killed.
  • Repeat this as needed to kill Zulmak, Instrument of Torment.