The Objective, “Pursue your target” in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

Pursue your target is an Objective in the Quest The Runner in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.




  • Valus Traud, Proxy needs to pass through 5 checkpoints to complete its simulated objective.
  • The Guardian needs to prevent this from happening to corrupt the Vex data being gathered by this simulation.
  • Deal with the 2 Legionaries that were escorting him.
  • The Proxy will run through the passage in front of you, taking the first left, then a second left and finally 2 rights, and stopping at a barrier.
  • Follow the Valus to the first barrier.
  • This is the first checkpoint and your first real chance to damage the Valus Proxy.
  • Use the cover that drops in and unload on the Proxy as best you can.
  • The Valus is quickly joined by a number of Legionaries and Psions.
  • Use all the cover you can and inflict as much as you can before the Valus start moving again.
  • Follow the marker to track down the Valus quickly if you die while hunting them.
  • This simulated Valus will continue to roam about the area, as it takes damage, it will move from one checkpoint to the next.
  • Unleashing roaming supers or heavy damage burst ones help a lot to deal with this challenging boss.


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