The Quest Step, Rat King's Crew Step 3 in Destiny 2.

Rat King's Crew Step 3 is a quest step in Destiny 2.


"The Rat King's Crew/ Goes four and four/ With good good fights/ They learn to score/ Then three as one they stand upright/ Return from past the wall and wanting more."

Solve this riddle with other rats.


  • Complete any combination of 2 Strikes or Crucible Matches.
  • Crucible matches just need to be completed, not won.


  • Once again, with at least 1 other "Rat", you need to complete something.
  • As long as the other person (or people) have the Rat King Quest steps or have the Rat King equipped, the completion will count.
  • With this person around, complete (not win) either 2 Crucible matches or Strikes.
  • Crucible is recommended only because it can be faster than strikes (20-30 minutes in total, compared to 20-40)

Quest Steps[edit]

Additional Notes[edit]

  • Available only when Level 20 & having completed story quests.
  • Must have completed Enemy of My Enemy
  • The end reward of the quest chain is Rat King