The Objective, “Reach Cabal signature” in Destiny 2.

Reach Cabal signature is an Objective in the Adventure Enhance! in Destiny 2.


Shut down the Fallen barriers that prevent further access into Terminus East.


  • This first section has 1 Vandal and 2 Dregs.
  • Toward the barrier itself, you will see 2 machines.
  • The one on the left, facing away from the barrier, is inert, while the one to the right, facing the barrier, has a glowing charge it in.
  • Grab the charge and bring it over to the machine facing away from the barrier.
  • This will lower the first barrier blocking your way forward.

  • The second barrier is protected by more Marauders, Shanks, and Dregs.
  • The Void Charge is to the left, against the far wall.
  • Grab it and run it to the front right.
  • The reciprocal for it sits on a crate against the energy barrier.
  • Place the void charge in it to deactivate the second barrier.

  • The third barrier has more Vandals and Dregs protecting it.
  • Of the initial wave, most of them are in the lower area.
  • Before you go for the upper portion to the left, clear this lower area.
  • Make an initial pass in the upper portion, a raised balcony, to clear the Vandals and Dregs there.
  • That will trigger the second wave of Fallen from the door nearby
  • Fight on through them.
  • With these Fallen defeated, head for the machine with the Void Charge in the lower area.
  • Collect the charge, bring it to the raised balcony and place it into the machine up there to disable the third and final barrier.