The Objective, “Reach the security hub” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Reach the security hub is an Objective in Last Call in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Fight your way into the security hub so you can restore the prison's systems.


  • A door will open to the left from where you were facing Petra Venj.
  • Go through the short walkway into the next cellblock.
  • This leads you into B-Block, where you will fighting through Fallen and Cabal.
  • The Fallen you will be encountering is: B-Block Rat Dreg, Vandals, B-Block Rat Wretch.
  • The Cabal have you fighting: C-Block Blood Gladiators, Blood Legionaries, Blood Incendior.
  • Fight your way on through the whole of the hallway, looking for the broken open guard station.
  • Go through the hallway to the right and watch the large Knight running in the walkway above where you will be.
  • You will see Cayde-6 quickly shoot the Knight down.
  • Head down the broken walkway and down onto the floor below.
  • You will encounter yet more Cabal, but also Hive.
  • The Hive will have you fighting: D-Block Cult Knight, Thrall, and Acolyte.
  • Fight on through the forces and continue toward the back end of the hallway.
  • Go past the burning section and ruined guard post to encounter more Fallen.
  • Heading toward the next cross-over, that you can see a Wizard hovering above it.
  • Be on guard for a pair of D-Block Cult Acolytes that will be attacking you.
  • That Wizard is Ir Yun, Cult of Megor that you can then defeat.
  • D-Block Cult Cursed Thrall are also guarding the Wizard.
  • Drop off the crossover toward the floor and through the open hatchway on the right.
  • Go on through the large piping as a walkway.
  • Turn to the left and make your way to the remains of the walkway.
  • Jump over to the right to the remains of the lower walkway leading deeper into the prison.
  • Go up the slope over to the left and to the marked door.
  • The door will open and show Cayde-6 attacking a Legionary.
  • Go forward and then over to the right.
  • This will lead you into the hallway there.
  • This barred walkway with a number of D-Block Cult Thrall that will notice and charge at you.
  • Turn to the left where you will see a large Ogre, Megor, Spawn of Kivu, and fighting it is Fallen.
  • You will also encounter Saruul, Blood Infernal.
  • Fight your way through the large group and then get over to the hub itself.
  • In front of it are a few C-Block Blood Phalanx and C-Block Blood Psion.
  • To the right of the hatch you will find a console that your Ghost can hack.
  • Interact with it to open the nearby door.
  • The door will open and you can head into the security hub.


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