Destiny 2: Recover tools from Fallen supply thieves - Thief of Thieves

From Orcz
The Objective, “Recover tools from Fallen supply thieves” in Destiny 2.

Recover tools from Fallen supply thieves is an Objective in the Adventure Thief of Thieves in Destiny 2.


Stop the Fallen fleeing with stolen welders.


  • From the starting point of the Adventure, you will see a number of unique Marauders, Supply Thief.
  • They are not marked on the radar, but they will actively be running away from the Guardian.
  • This at least gives a trait that is easy to identify them with.
  • Each one you kill will drop a Repair Tool. Collect it.
  • There are at least 5 that are scattered throughout the area.
  • Kill the Supply Thieves and then it is time to hunt down the horde they have built up for themselves.


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