Destiny 2: Relics of the Golden Age Step 3 - Relics of the Golden Age

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The Quest Step, Relics of the Golden Age Step 3 in Destiny 2.

Relics of the Golden Age Step 3 is a quest step in Destiny 2.


Head to Prodromus Down on Nessus with a fireteam and destroy the Servitor Kendriks-7 in the "Quest: Exodus Crash" strike



  • Travel back to Nessus and make your way up to Prodromus Down from Exodus Black.
  • This will give you access to a unique version of the Exodus Crash strike.
  • The entire strike does not need to be complete.
  • When you enter the dark room, you will find the Servitor you are looking for: Kendriks-7.
  • Fight on through the Fallen here to defeat Kendriks-7.


Quest Steps[edit]

Additional Notes[edit]

  • Available only when Level 20 & having completed story quests.
  • Complete the story line: O Captain to access this quest.
  • The end reward of the quest chain is Sturm

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