The Objective, “Rendezvous with the Vanguard” in Destiny 2.

Rendezvous with the Vanguard is an Objective in the Story Chosen in Destiny 2.


Fight your way through the Last City ruins to rejoin your allies.

Hold yourposition until Hawthorne takes down the energy barrier.


  • You will touch down in the Peregrine District.
  • Drop down to the ground well below the rooftop that you land on. Be sure to use your jump abilities appropriately to avoid taking heavy damage or dying from the drop.
  • Once there, immediately start running forward.
  • You will encounter numerous Legionaries in your way.
  • Continue forward to the first energy barrier in front of you.

  • Hawthorne will be working to disable the barrier as you are closing in.
  • Fight through the Cabal Legionaries, Centurions and Phalanx that are in your way and trying to kill you.
  • You need to survive in this area until Hawthorne pulls the barrier down.

  • Once the barrier is down, run through the first walled section and onto the street in front of you.
  • Follow the street to the left and then up the next slope.
  • More Cabal are awaiting you as you near a second energy barrier.
  • Once again, you will need to fight through Legionaries. Phalanx, Incendiors and Colossus.
  • Once again, keep nearby until the barrier is lowered by Hawthorne.
  • When she manages it, run on through.

  • Once through the second barricade, run to the end of the walkway and jump across the gap to the balcony nearby in front of you.
  • Turn to the right and follow the balcony over to the left.
  • You will encounter more Psions, and Gladiators on this path.
  • Go up the stairs and take on the Psions beyond them.
  • Go through the lit up opening on the left-hand side with the ornate metal gates.
  • Take the stairs on up to the next plaza.
  • Once again, more Legionaries are waiting for you.
  • Be on guard for the Honored Colossus who periodically joins the fray.
  • Get through the first part and into the second portion, an alleyway.
  • Run up the ramp or climb your way up the ledge in front of you and continue forward.
  • Continue on up the stairs forward through alleyway and courtyards.
  • This will bring you to Systems Deck.

  • Jump the gap from the building you are on to the next one on either side.
  • There are more enemies on the right, but an easier path.
  • Expect to encounter a number of Legionaries, Phalanx and a Colossus.
  • The path of the left has more complex jumps, but less enemies to worry about.
  • Both will lead to a walkways that allow you to continue along the path easily enough.
  • Jump the gaps as needed and head toward the building with the large red-ish circle on it.
  • Once there, follow the walkway over to the left and deal with the Cabal that portion of the balcony.
  • Follow the balcony around to the far side.
  • You will encounter a Legionary taking down Zalava who is there with Cayde-6 and Ikora.


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