Report: Altar-Reflect is a Quest in The Witch Queen.

Report: Altar-Reflect is a Quest in The Witch Queen.

Visit the Evidence Board[edit]

  • "This throne world is folding up to hide its secrests like... psychic origami. Every edge we tug on turns up something else." - Agent LAI-701
  • Head over to the Evidence Board and select Report Altar-Reflect to begin it.

Visit the New Altar of Reflection[edit]

    • The Altar seems to have become an ever-shifting space, making it an excellent place to search for clues.
  • "Bring the Enigma to the new access point at the Altar of Reflection in the Temple of the Wrathful and see what you can uncover."
  • "" - Agent LAI-701
  • Time to head back to Savathun's Throne World to take on the Altar of Reflection.
  • Touch down in the Quagmire to the Temple of the Wrathful.
  • Make your way down into the Temple.
  • Light things up destroying the strange hive growths.
  • Making it to the entrance of the temple, you will want to head straight across the entrance
  • Make your way on through the door opposite.
  • Once in that hallway, go through the next door on the right.
  • This will bring you into a dimly lit section of the Temple.
  • Shoot the red-orange growths on the wall to get some illumination.
  • Use this to find the platforms and make your way through into one of the depths of the Temple.
  • Getting toward the secondary entrance to the Altar of Reflection.
  • To move forward, you will find a large group of Scorned blocking your way.
  • You will need to fight through Wraiths, Screebs, Stalkers, and Captain Taksisaa.
  • Defeat them and head into the nearby archway.
  • Once inside there, interact with the Deepsight Orb istting nearby the ledge.
  • This only lasts 30 seconds, and will require that you have the Enigma equipped.

Deepsight Puzzle[edit]

  • Making it to the Deepsight Orb, you will need to solve the puzzle here.
  • You have about 30 seconds to execute the following.
  • From the Orb, turn to the pillar nearby you.
  • Run past the pillar and turn back toward where the Deepsight Orb was to begin.
  • You will see the Witch Queen symbol on the wall as well as the pillar.
  • With it centered in your view, aim with the Enigma.
  • This will unlock the symbol, revealing the path you are seeking.
  • The "mirror" allowing accessing to Altar of Refection

Altar of Reflection: Catalyst[edit]

  • Time to work on through the puzzles that are presented to the Guardian.
  • The puzzle will vary for each Guardian, so take the notes more than what done.
  • To start, you will find a number of Hive symbols on the low-rise wall.
  • You will want to enter the symbols going from left to right.
  • Look at the symbols and then run to the pool with the first appropriate symbol.
  • Repeat this across the whole of the 4 symbols.
  • Step into the fonts to get a charge of "Revelation."
  • You will need to do this one more (likely) step into the fonts once again.
  • After doing that, you will find the door leads into the Altar of Reflection itself.
  • Head through the first chamber and then go through to the large chamber beyond it.
  • You will find Witch's Eye, Keeper of Memory, a massive Shrieker.
  • Witch's Eye, Keeper of Memory will be teleporting around the area as it takes damage.
  • Inside there, you will need to find and defeat the Lucent Archivist.
  • Throughout this room, you will encounter a lot of Acolytes that will be shooting at you, so just be ready for the hail of incoming fire.
  • Use the pillars and staircases for cover as needed.
  • You will need to clear the room of Hive for the door to open to the Reflection Pool itself.
  • Once it is all done, the objective will update.
  • Head through the door after that.
  • Go to the Reflection pool and interact with it to find the memory.

Report your findings[edit]

    • The ever-changing Altar has proven to hold some truths about Savathun's secrets, namely her connection to the Relic and the Enigma it shaped.
  • "The ever-changing Altar has proven to hold osme truths about Savathun's secrets, namely her connection to the Relic and the Enimga it shaped."
  • "Failure is always an option. Don't start until you're sure losing can still further your agenda. Savathun knew this, and so should you." - Agent LAI-701
  • Return to the Enclave.
  • Once there, you will want to head over to Evidence Board.

Case Reviewed[edit]

    • The Altar raised more questions than it answered, but it did fill an important blank about Savathun's link to the Relic and the Enigma it shaped.
  • "Review the case on the Evidence Board"
  • "Savathun really thought getting her old memories would make her more dangerous. And... Well... it did." - Fynch
  • Interact with the Evidence Board to get the rest of the information on this particular investigation.


  • Throne World Weapon
  • Unlocks Altar of Reflection Activity (Weekly reward Powerful Gear Tier 1)

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Video Walkthrough[edit]

Report: Altar-Reflect Video Walkthrough