Report: Pyramid-Inspect Quest in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.


Check Evidence Borad[edit]

"Looks like we've got new intel at the Evidence Board." - Ghost

Complete Preservation[edit]

"Don't underestimate the Scorn... especially considering their recent alliance with the Witness. They are unrelenting" - Mara Sov

    • Complete the campaign mission, Preservation and defeat Scorn to collect Hive runes
  • Completing this will unlock Preservation as a weekly mission that can replayed at any time.

Report Finding[edit]

'"The Scorn are retrofitting the runes to... infuse Hive worms into living creatures. Must be a continuation of Rhulk's experiments." - Ghost

    • Report your findings to the Evidence Board in the Enclave.
    • The Scorn were hoarding Hive runes. Scans indicate a planned ritual - worms and Scorn as one. Just like how the Hice came to be.
  • Return to the Enclave and go over to the Evidence Board.
  • Interact with it to put the latest evidence into place.

Review the case[edit]

"Good work out there. We've almost got a full picture of what the Scorn are up to." - Ghost

    • Review the case on the Evidence Board in the Enclave.
  • Return to the [[Destiny 2: Evidence Board|Evidence Board and interact with it once more to complete the quest.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ Report: Pyarmid-Inspect Video Walkthrough]