Report: Resonance-Comp Quest in The Witch Queen.

Report: Resonance-Comp Quest in The Witch Queen.

New Intel[edit]

  • "You'd be surprised at how much of this job is combing through data, but things only get found when no one's shooting at you." - Agent LAI-701
  • The Hidden have new intel.
  • Check the Evidence Board in the Enclave for details.
  • Just head to the Evidence Board and collect this quest to begin it.

Search the Resonant Locations[edit]

  • "The Hidden report 3 instances of a complementary resonance in the Throne World. Search Miasma, florescent Canal, and Quagmire for the sources."
  • "A good clue is like a strong cup of coffee. In that I need more of both to finish this." - Agent LAI-701


  • Time to do some hunting to find the Resonant locations of the Osmir Fragment.
  • From the Landing Zone, head over to the East and toward the fortress wall along the Southeastern side.
  • Go through the tall archway into the outskirts of the fortress itself.
  • Once inside, turn to the Northeast and climb up the nearby wall.
  • Head over to the Western wall to track down the marker nearby.
  • Interact with the site to find the group of Hive guarding it: Blistered Knight, a few Thrall and a trio of Acolytes.
  • Defeating them will give you the first of 3 Resonant Runes

Florescent Canal[edit]

  • Time to head out to the Florescent Canal to locate and collect the second Resonant Rune.
  • Entering either from the Miasma or the Quagmire, you are going to want to head to the Southeastern section of the Canal.
  • This is nearby one of the Regional Chests, found in this section, to the South of the entrance to Court of Thorns.
  • Head to the outcropping with the small watch towers.
  • Clear out the Wizard and the 5 Acolytes.
  • With those Hive defeated, go over to the Eastern most tower and head into it.
  • Inside it, look to the North to find the interact spot and call in the Hive that will attack you.
  • Once again you will encounter a number of Thralls, and Acolytes.
  • This time you will encounter a Blistered Wizard you will need to defeat to claim the Resonant Rune.


  • Enter the Miasma either from the Florescent Canal or the Quagmire.
  • Make your way to the Northern part of Miasma.
  • Head to the raised section in the Northern part of the area.
  • Climb up onto it and head to the far end, close to where the ruins are.
  • Head over to the Scorned Banner that sits along the edge nearby the pieces of machinery
  • Scan the banner to summon in the group of Hive that protects this Resonant Rune.
  • This will call in a group of 6 Acolytes and a Blistered Knight.

Follow the Resonance[edit]

  • "The resonance led you to a trio of ominous Hive runes. After a quick scan, Ghost picks up a new signal - for an Osmic Fragment - in Witch's Echo."
  • "Even in a non-Euclidean space like Savathun's Throne World, triangulation can still work! It just means the math is a lot more exciting." - Hidden Agent
  • Make your way into the Miasma and get to the Northern end.
  • Once there, you will find a cave entrance leading down into the ground.
  • This will bring you into Witch's Echo.
  • Follow the path here down into the first major chamber to start the fight.
  • You will need to take numerous Hive, with a Shrieker overhead.
  • Deal with the Thrall, Acolytes, Knights, Revenant Wizard to clear the area.

Collect the Osmic Fragment[edit]

  • "Savathun's Ghost left behind key evidence. What is Immaru planning to do with this Osmic Fragment?"
  • "Producing a conter wafveform to a paracasual artifact is advanced stuff. The Hive are investing a lot in whatever this is." - Agent LAI-701
  • Having survived the fight, make your way to the marked section of wall.
  • Go to the outside section to find the Osmic Fragment sitting there.
  • Interact with it to collect it.
  • Time to head back to the Mars Enclave.

Report your findings[edit]

  • "In Witch's Echo, Savathun's Ghost sicced the Lucent Brood on you. But you made it out with another Osmic Fragment and a new prime suspect."
  • "Old evidence can mean new leads. Invent a new procedure, have a new insight... you want it all carefully cataloged." - Agent LAI-701
  • Return to the Mars Enclave and interact with the Evidence Board.
  • The first tie with Lucent Moths will appear above the source Osmic Fragment.

Review the Case[edit]

  • "Oh boy, where to start with Immaru... He's the anti-Savathun. Reactionary. Emotional. Everything to prove." - Fynch
  • At the Evidence Board, simply interact with it again to complete this quest.


  • Throne World Weapon
  • Osmic Fragment

Next Quest[edit]

Video Walkthrough[edit]

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