The Report: Steps-Retracted Quest in the Witch Queen.

The Report: Steps-Retracted Quest in the Witch Queen.


Visit the Evidence Board[edit]

'"Nothing like a quiet night at home, curled up with a cup of coffee and a few old case files. I don't care what Kominski says. It's not weird" - Hidden Agent

  • Head to the Enclave on Mars and go over to the Evidence Board.
  • Go there and accept this quest to begin the search in earnest

Gain Insights[edit]

"Our future may have already been written, but our past is never through with us." - Ikora Rey

  • Retrace your steps through the Throne World to glean new insights from old cases
    • Complete Weekly story mission
    • Finishers on Champions drop additional insights
  • Complete the weekly story mission on any difficulty.
  • Even with in-game match making, very possible to get the needed insights from a single run-through (just need to get all the champions)

Return to the evidence board[edit]

"You look as through new enemies thought to challenge you, and instead became fuel for the flame that burns within you." - Ikora Rey

    • By retracing the steps of old cases in the Throne World, you've gleaned new insights that push forward your investigation.
  • Report your findings to the Evidence Board in the [[Destiny 2: Mars Enclave|Enclave||.
  • Head on back to Mars and go to the Evidence Board.
  • Just interact with it to create the next connection on the Evidence Board.

Review the case[edit]

"These journeys into memory will be there when everything else has failed you." - Ikora Rey

  • Simply interact with the evidence board after the connection has been made to complete this quest.


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