The Repressed Memories within the Duality.

The Repressed Memories that are scattered throughout Duality.

Memory Locations[edit]

Entrance Room - 1[edit]

  • This memory is found in the very first chamber once inside Calus's mind.
  • Go up along the left-hand side of the stairs.
  • Climb up onto the pavilion at the top of the stairs and turn around.
  • Head along the buttresses then jump over to the narrow platform then turn back toward the left-hand wall.
  • Make your way to the wall, fighting through the Psions that are here.
  • Jump onto the platform here on the far wall from the entrance.
  • Turn around, looking to the highest platform on the right.
  • Jump up there and go to the second platform, where the Loyalist Psion is.
  • Defeat the Psion then look to the right where you can see an open door.
  • Go through the door and you will find the bell that is the repressed memories.

Entrance Room - 2[edit]

  • Make your way to the top of the room, and once there, look to the far side of the room to ring the bell and be taken to the Nightmare Realm.
  • Make your way back to the door below where you found the first memory.
  • There is now a long hallway, and at the end of it, you will find the second memory.

Entrance Hall - 3[edit]

  • Make your way through to the Bells in the massive hallway beyond the first room.
  • Get to the point with the first long drop after striking the bell to return to Reality.
  • Turn to the right and hit another bell (across the room behind some grating) to go back to the Nightmare.
  • Once here, go over to the right to the opening letting you reach the central hallway of this section.
  • Now, you can jump to the left and get to the back side of the nearby pillar.
  • Alternatively, you can long jump to the platform on the back side of the far pillar then long jump to the back of the nearby pillar.
  • Here, you will find the Memory.

Entrance to Galhran Encounter - 4[edit]

  • Facing the drop point, head over to the right-hand side of the circular chamber, where the stairs are.
  • Get to the stairs and jump up onto the cloth hanging on the wall above you.
  • Look toward the top of the room and jump up there.
  • Get onto the ring above the main chamber now with a careful jump.
  • Look to the right to find the Repressed Memory.

Galhran War Beast Room - 5[edit]

  • This memory can be reached after you have defeated Nightmare of Gahlran.
  • Head into the War Beast Room.
  • Inside here, you will find the Repressed Memory.

Navigate the Crypt 1[edit]

  • While navigating the Crypt, proceed forward through it to the second switch.
  • After activating the Second Switch, you will need to do some backtracking.
  • Take out the Cabal that come out behind you after its activation.
  • Head back across the gap to where the Tombs extended.
  • Instead of going to the right, head to the left.
  • Jump onto the few tombs that have extended here.
  • At the top one, you will need to jump around the jutting portion of the wall.
  • On the far side, land on the extended tomb.
  • Look to the wall here.
  • Climb into the opening above the tomb and go into the chamber beyond it.
  • Just head to the back to find the Repressed Memory.

Navigate the Crypt 2 - Long Light Jump[edit]

  • Progress forward to reach the Light Long Jump.
  • Step out onto the platform you want to use for the jump, and look downward.
  • Spot either of the machines on the side of the wall.
  • Drop down onto it.
  • Look to the wall below the platform to find an opening here.
  • Go into the narrow hallway and get to the back of it.
  • You will find the Repressed Memory.

The Statue Room[edit]

  • This memory is found in the Nightmare Realm.
  • Just after you enter the room, shoot the Bell to transition into the Nightmare Realm from the entrance.
  • Turn to the left and start jumping along the tops of the platforms above the statues here.
  • Get to the pillar in the back left to find the Repressed Memory.

Unlock the Vault[edit]

  • After clearing the Unlock the Vault, you will want to head over toward the Axe Wall.
  • A number of Crypts have extended from the wall.
  • Climb up the Crypts here, going along the left-hand side of them.
  • Toward the top, you will find the Repressed Memory.

The Depths - Entrance[edit]

  • This Memory is found just after you cross into the first big drop into the Depths.
  • Go over to the middle of the room, where the covered item is.
  • Drop down onto the purple ground.
  • Head underneath the platform with the covered item.
  • You will find the Repressed Memory under the center item.

Navigate the Vault[edit]

  • Proceed through your navigation of the Vault.
  • Get to the grating that you need to shoot through to the Bell on the Far side.
  • This will have you transition to the Nightmare Realm.
  • Inside the Nightmare realm, you will have the two narrow platforms between pillars.
  • Jump to the right platform and head over to the right.
  • From there, jump to the stairwell in the wall ahead of you.
  • Go up the stairs and to the back to find the Repressed Memory.

Enter the Dark Shrine[edit]

  • Proceed through until you reach the flaps that are extended out from the wall.
  • Move through this until you reach the flap that leads to the final boss room.
  • Run to the middle of this flap and then jump toward the wall, aiming for the small platform on the right.
  • Use this platform to jump to the semi-hidden platform above the archway leading toward the boss.
  • Go into this small hallway to reach the final repressed memory of this dungeon.