The Objective, “Restore power to the station” in Destiny 2.

Restore power to the station is an Objective in the Story Riptide in Destiny 2.


Eliminate the Hive Wizard blocking your path to the circuit breaker.


  • Jump onto the broken catwalk and use that to cross over to the next building.
  • Climb up to the top of the building.
  • Go around the corner to the center of the room and you will encounter a pair of Wizards.
  • One wizard is just around the corner while the other is on top of the tower on the rooftop.
  • There are more Acolytes and Thrall that will come in from the sides.
  • Clear out the Hive to get the final instruction to activate the circuit breaker.
  • The Circuit breaker is found on the tower where the Second Wizard began.
  • Go and break the Hive Secretions around it then activate it.


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