The Quest Step, Return to the Campsite in Destiny 2.

Return to the Campsite is a quest step in Destiny 2.

Part of the Purifying Thorn Quest.


  • Return to the Campsite


  • Logging into Destiny after July 2nd, 2019 for the first time will greet the player with a message from Shin Malphur, directing them to head to the "same campsite as last time."
  • Travel to the Eupreon Dead Zone's Trostland and head North into the Salt Mines.
  • Travel to the Transmat and use that to travel to the next area.
  • Head up the slope to the top of the path, where the road is blocked by a force field.
  • Move to the edge of this ledge and look to the right, where you will see an opening with a pulsing light in it
  • Head through here to the hidden campsite.
  • Go to the far end of the campsite where you will see a white chest.
  • Open it to get the System Positioning Device and the next step, A Fateful Gift.

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