The Quest Step, Rose, Revealed in Destiny 2.

Rose, Revealed is a quest step in Destiny 2.

Part of the Purifying Thorn Quest.


"The Traveler gave us these gifts. We choose how to use them." - Ikora Rey

The searing power of your Light burns away the sickness that consumed Dregen Yor's Thorn, revealing the weapon it used to be: Rose. You contemplate the weapon for a long time before resolving on a course of action. If Thorn symbolized something greater: the courage to choose the right path, even when it is unpopular or unsafe. But to do that, you'll need to begin your second adventure in gunsmithing

Restore Rose's perks to prepare the gun for its future transformation


  • Complete the 3 steps: Face the Hordes, Defend the Light, and Band Together to unlock the perks of Rose.


  • This quest is comprised of 3 quest steps to restore Rose.
  • Each will need to be completed with Rose equipped for it to count.
  • Completing the steps gives Polymer Grip to Rose

Face The Hordes[edit]

Complete encounters at the Blind Well, any of the Black Armory Forges, or in Escalation Protocol

The Strongest Light is forged in the heat of combat.

  • A total of 35 points from encounters needs to be had with this weapon equipped in your kinetic slot.
  • Black Armory Forges - 1 points per section, boss worth 2 (4 points per complete ignition)
  • Blind Well Tier 3 + Heroic for rapid progress - 1 per auxiliary well, 4 for Heroic
  • Escalation Protocol - Level 7 for 3 points

Defend the Light[edit]

Defeat multiple enemy combatants in a row without reloading your weapon.

The fiercest Light is forged through training and skill

  • Use high capacity weapons with decent impact.
  • Thorn is recommended for its Soul Devourer
  • Crimson be helpful as well for its auto-reload?

Band Together[edit]

Complete a Nightfall with a score of 50,000 or higher.

The bravest light is forged in the most difficult challenges

  • Form up a fireteam and go into the Nightfall offered from the Vanguard.
  • You need to get a minimum score of 50,000
  • A fireteam of 3 is recommended, but it can be done with less if you are fast and vicious.
  • The Extinguish modifier and handicap can be very helpful to increase your score.
  • Getting at least a 2x multiplier will help for 2+ Guardians.

Quest Steps[edit]

Additional Notes[edit]

  • The end reward of the quest chain is Lumina.