The Objective, “Save the Traveler” in Destiny 2.
The Objective, “Save the Traveler” in Destiny 2.

Save the Traveler is an Objective in the Story Chosen in Destiny 2.


Step into the Vex Portal to draw closer to the Traveler.

Find a way out of Ghaul's command ship.


  • When you arrive at the top of the building, you will find Zavala, Cayde-6 and Ikora Rey winded, and wounded waiting for you.
  • When you are ready, step on through the portal in front of you that Cayde-6.
  • This will bring you onto Ghaul's ship.
  • Once on the ship, head forward and down the slope in front of you.
  • Go forward through the open doorway and the next door beyond it.
  • Approach this door carefully.
  • On the other side of the door is over a dozen War Beasts that are asleep.
  • If you are going to fight them, get past them to the far side of the room.
  • This gives you a better point to funnel them toward the Guardian.
  • After that, go through the door on the other side and up the small ramp.
  • Go on up the pipes and through to the next portion.
  • Go over to the right, dropping off the pipes from there.
  • Go down and then up the far side ramp to reach Quarterdeck.
  • This will bring you to another chamber with a number of Cabal inside it.
  • You will encounter Psions, Phalanx, and Final Guard Straff.
  • Just beyond Final Guard Straff is an elevator you can take upwards. Do so.
  • THis will bring you t the top of the ship.
  • Go forward to the swirling vortex or flame and darkness to trigger the battle with Dominus Ghaul.


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