Week 5 Challenges in Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen.
Week 5 Challenges in Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen.

The 8 new challenges now available for Guardians to complete during the Season of the Chosen.


Contender's Ascent VII

  • Report to the War Table in the HELM and complete the “Challenger's Proving VII” quest. Then Defeat 100 Cabal with a Submachine Guns
    • Rewards: XP, Extraordinary Rendition, Empress (Lore), War Table Reputation (Large)

Proving Grounds Trifecta

  • Complete the following in the Proving Grounds Strike: finish the mission, defeat combatants, and deposit a Power Core in the undercarriage of the Land Tank.
    • Rewards: Double XP, War Table Reputation (Large)

Diplomacy or Death

  • Listen to the 5 intercepted transmissions at the radio kiosk in the HELM
    • XP

One Against Many

  • Calibrate weapons by rapidly defeating 3 or more combatants
    • Rewards: Double XP, Bright Dust

Gambit Salvager's Salvo

  • Acquire the Toxicology ornament for the Salvager's Salvo Grenade Launcher.
    • Double XP, Bright Dust

Beyond Legendary

  • Earn 5 Valor Ranks
    • Rewards: 4x XP, Bright Dust

Complete any Nightfall: the Ordeal on Grandmaster

  • Earn 5 Infamy ranks in Gambit
    • Rewards: XP, Bright Dust