Destiny 2: Secure a Golden Age CPU to decrypt Red Legion Intel - Utopia

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The Objective, “Secure a Golden Age CPU to decrypt Red Legion Intel” in Destiny 2.

Secure a Golden Age CPU to decrypt Red Legion Intel is an Objective in the Story/Strike/Raid/Adventure Utopia in Destiny 2.


Make your way down to the CPU network chamber


  • The door to the right of the access point will open up now, allowing the Guardian through.
  • Drop over the ledge and look ahead to see Hive Runes.
  • Close to 4 Thrall will come rising out of the water and ground to rush the Guardian.
  • 4 more Thrall will come running down the stairs in the back left to come after you.
  • Killing these will prompt a Knight and Acolytes to appear from the door leading out.
  • Fight your way up the stairs, through the Knight and Acolytes.
  • Go through the door at the top and turn to the left.
  • Continue forward and head to drop down the pit in front of you.
  • To your right, a Wizard will appear from the blackened doorway with a trio of Acolytes.
  • Either engage them or just drop down into the pit below and into darkness.
  • Go across the dark room and close to the far side you will be attacked by a Knight and several Thralls.
  • Be careful going around the corner into the lit up corridor, there is a Shrieker nearby that will immediately start attack you.
  • Defeat the Shrieker, then look to the right from where it was.
  • Drop over the ledge into the next section, where you will encounter Acolytes.
  • This hall has a number of Knights in the back of the room.
  • Before you reach those, you will need to concern yourself about the Cursed Thralls and a few Acolytes which will emerge from the ground and rush at you.
  • Clear out the Knights and then go over the ledge where the Knights were.
  • Dropping down will cause Garmung, an Orge.
  • Go over to the next ledge and drop over the nearby ledge.
  • Head on through the doorway at the bottom of the pit and head through the Hallway there.
  • Jump down to the next ledge across the empty elevator shaft.
  • Head across the next hallway, and around to the far side of the room you arrive in.
  • Look down, below where you entered.
  • You will find a doorway you can reach using your jump abilities.
  • Inside, go forward and slip through the opening on the right by crouching.
  • Break the Hive barrier with a quick shot or a melee attack.
  • Slide down the pipes and turn to the left.
  • Reach the end of the hallway, turn to the right and break through the vents blocking your way forward.
  • Through the newly opened vent, turn left and head down to the light on left of the hallway.
  • Fight your way through the Thralls that come out of the hallway.
  • Continue to the far end of the room and go down the hallway on right.
  • Press down the hallway and turn to the right.
  • This will lead you to a giant room.
  • Drop down into the middle of the room, using the sides to slow your descent.
  • Go forward down the walkway.
  • You will find a few Thralls come rushing toward you.
  • Defeat them then go down the lit up hallway on the left that has some Hive barriers.
  • Break the barriers by either hitting or shooting them.
  • Continue forward along the narrow corridor, drop down through the opening and continue onward.
  • The passage will narrow, so crouch to continue forward.
  • The passage will take you through numerous pipe-filled sections, turning this way and that.
  • It will take you to a walkway above the CPU network.
  • The walkway will drop out from beneath you.
  • Land safely using your jump ability and then cross over to the next walkway where the objective is.
  • Jump across and approach the CPU.
  • Interact with the CPU to claim it and begin your escape.


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