The Objective, “Secure Explosives” in Destiny 2.

Secure Explosives is an Objective in the Adventure No Safe Distance in Destiny 2.


Find the high-yield explosives in Legion's Anchor and have Ghost transmat them to safety.


  • This will lead into a large room with 3 sets of explosives that Ghost will need to transmat out of the base.
  • The first set of explosives is nearby the entrance into the large room on the left just as you enter it.
  • As you get into the larger room, you can see the 6-8 Cabal Legionaries and Psions that are in there.
  • Clear out most of them to make moving around the room more possible without dying.
  • With most of them cleared, head for the middle section of the room for easy access to the second set of explosives.
  • Go over to the left and up the ramp.
  • Be wary of the Centurion in the area.
  • In the back, in the middle of the walkway, you will find the final set of explosives.
  • Transmat this set of explosives away to begin the next objective.
  • You are about to leave when Hawthorne gets an idea.


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