The Objective, “Secure the Control Center” in Destiny 2.

Secure the Control Center is an Objective in the Story Hope in Destiny 2.


Follow Sloane coordinates to the Control Center.

Clear out the Hive infestation around the control center.


  • Go forward onto the nearby floating platform and go across the next 2 as well.
  • Turn to the right when you reach the wall with the door.
  • This will lead to a passage with Safety First, over it.
  • Head across the circular platform and then jump the gap there to the walkway across the gap.
  • Go across the walkway, jumping onto the pipe and crossing it to the next walkway.
  • Get to the opening in the pillar the walkway is on. There is some hive flesh there blocking your way forward.
  • Punch or shoot the Hive blockage to clear it out.
  • Inside the pillar, go across the room and jump onto the walkway coming from the wall and follow it to the right and upwards.
  • This will lead to the next doorway with another blockage.
  • Go to the next walkway and head across to the next pillar.
  • Go across the gap and through the open door.
  • Head up the short stairs and go over to the left.
  • This will lead you into the Sinking Docks again.
  • Inside this dock you will encounter Thralls.
  • Go up the stairs and head over to the right down the corridor.
  • In this room you will need to fight through another 8 Thralls.
  • Enter the next room in the back right and fight through the Thralls there.
  • Exit to the back left and onto the walkway outside the doorway.
  • Turn to the left, climb upwards and follow the walkway.
  • The walkway leads to the doorway on your right.
  • Go on through the doorway, turn to the right to pass through the circular doorway and then to the left.
  • Entering this corridor will have a few Acolytes appear from around the corner and attack.
  • There are 2 at the pillar and 1 to your left.
  • Clear them out and head to the back of the room, over to the left and then into the hallway to the right.
  • Make your way to the back left and into the pillar where more Hive are waiting for you.
  • Defeat them then drop through the still fan blades.
  • Look to the right and head forward.
  • There are more Acolytes waiting here to ambush the Guardian.
  • Make for the back part of this platform and over to the left. Beware of Thrall from the right that will rush you.
  • Head across the walkway to the stairs going up, fighting the Acolytes who are there.
  • Go up the stairs to the break in them.
  • Look a bit up to see the continuation of it. Jump up to it and go through the doorway on the right.
  • This will lead you into an area with the label Bay 3 with more Acolytes and Thrall waiting for you.
  • You will see a Hive ritual that summons in a Knight.
  • Clear out the Acolytes and Thrall before fighting the Knight.
  • Make your way to the back of the room then head to the right.
  • You want to head out of this large room using the passage underneath the large diagonal orange Hive pillar.
  • Go into the doorway beyond with the yellow blinking light.
  • Travel down the yellow corridor, jumping the gap and heading upwards.
  • This will lead you to Siren's Watch.
  • Continue down the corridor in front of you into the next room.
  • There is a grenade launcher on the table in this room that can be picked up.
  • Go to the left and through the automatic door leading outside.

  • Look to the right where you will see Hive jumping in and running into position.
  • Fight your way through the initial wave of Thralls.
  • They are followed by a number of Acolytes with a few Knights.


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