The Objective, “Shattered Future” in Destiny 2.

Shattered Future is an Objective in the Story Exodus Evacuation in Destiny 2.


Complete strike "A Garden World" and defeat Hydras, Minotaurs, and Cyclopses on Mercury to collect Timeline Fractures.

"It's breaking apart, but the sound as it splinters is so beautiful." - Brother Vance


  • Make your way to Mercury and go into the central building.
  • Inside there, go and talk with Brother Vance to learn about what is happening.
  • He will send you into the strike, a Garden World.
  • Running the complete strike has a good chance to yield all the needed Timeline Fractures.
  • If you come up short, run around Mercury to find the needed enemies: Hydras, Minotaurs, Cyclopses.
  • Defeat enough to collect the needed Timeline Fractures.