The Objective, “Signal Shielding” in Destiny 2.

Signal Shielding is an Objective in the Story Exodus Evacuation in Destiny 2.


Compelte the adventure, "Deathly Tremors" (Heroic) to stop Hive interference.

"The Hive's ceaseless chitting lurches and ebbs its sickening cadence." - Eris Morn


  • Time to complete the adventure for this section of the quest, accessible through the Mars directory.
  • This Heroic Version of Deathly Tremors has the modifiers: Void Singe, Grounded, and Brawler.
  • Keep all this in mind, and definitely Void and Brawler to your advantage to clear through the mobs that you initially need to fight through.
  • Defeat any of the Hive to collect the needed parts.
  • After that, make your way toward Olympus Descent and fight your way through the cave system, destroying the "transmitters" scattered throughout.
  • Finally, once out of the cliff-face, take down the Ogre there, Uroc Tor, to complete the mission.