The Objective, “Steal Thumos's Ship” in Destiny 2.
The Objective, “Steal Thumos's Ship” in Destiny 2.

Steal Thumos's Ship is an Objective in the Story Larceny in Destiny 2.


Breach the Cabal base and search for Thumos's ship.

Fight your way toward Thumos's ship.


  • Go over to the left and up the ramp into the base.
  • Follow the hallway forward into the next room.
  • This will bring you into the Legion's Anchor.
  • Inside this massive hangar you will fight the Cabal and Fallen fighting.
  • As always, you can either fight through both forwards or just ignore them and sprint past the fight.
  • In Legion's Anchor you would be fighting: Vandals, Dregs, Shanks, Legionaries, Phalanx and Incendior.
  • Make your way over to the left, up the ramps, climbing upwards.
  • In the back upper part of the room, go through the right-hand doorway to reach a hallway overlooking the landing pads.
  • Turn to the left here and head over that way toward the door.
  • This leads to a hallway where you will encounter 2 Scorpius turrets.
  • Head straight forward and around the corner.
  • This will bring you into another hallway with more Vandals, Shanks, and Dregs.
  • Fight on through the hallway to the right and out into the next room.
  • This will bring you to conflict to Teleks-5.
  • Defeat all the Fallen here.
  • This will open a nearby door and release Cabal on you.
  • You will encounter Gladiator, Incendior, and Phalanx.
  • This will lead to a long hallway with more Scorpius turrets on the walkways in front of you.
  • Target the Scorpius turrets first to open up the room and have more space to work with.
  • In the back portion of the room you will encounter more Scorpius Turrets there.
  • There are more Psions, and War Beasts for you to fight.
  • Go through the door in the back to arrive near the ship you are after.
  • This will bring you out to the access path to reach the ship.
  • Jump out to the ship, fighting through the Legionaries, and a Scorpius turret protecting the ship.
  • To move forward, you will need to defeat all of the remaining Cabal.


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