The Objective, “Steal a map of the Infinite Forest” in Destiny 2.

Steal a map of the Infinite Forest is an Objective in the Story Deep Storage in Destiny 2.


Enter the Pyramidion.

Descend deeper into the Pyramidion.


  • Run forward and down into the pit that leads into the Pyramidion.
  • Once down in the entrance area, go over to the Vex access circle on the right.
  • Stand in the circle until a conflux appears in front of the door.
  • Approach the conflux and interact with it to have Sagira open it.
  • There will be no mass of Vex attacking you from the entrance, so head forward and down into the Pyramidion itself.
  • Follow the path forward and down into the massive open room.
  • At the top of the massive "Staircase" down, you will encounter a few Goblins.
  • Destroy them and drop down to the next step.
  • On the one below you is a Hobgoblin. Destroy it from a distance to make things a bit easier.
  • Landing on the step will cause 3 Fanatics to spawn and come after you.
  • Go to the edge of the step you are on and look down, just a bit to the right.
  • If you wait a few moments, looking to the left, a platform will materialize, offering a midpoint between the two larger ones.
  • Another Hobgoblin awaits on the platform.
  • Once again, landing on it will cause 4 Fanatics to appear.
  • Go to the edge of this platform and look down to spot the Hobgoblin on the final platform below you.
  • This will also cause another platform to materialize.
  • Remember, destroy the Hobgoblin to avoid having to deal with them as well as the Fanatics that will appear there.
  • On the last platform leading deeper into the Pyramidion is a pair of Hobgoblins.
  • The hallway has some Goblins that will teleport in to ambush you.
  • Continuing forward through this hallway will bring you into some Harpies as you go around the corner.
  • Defeat or run past them, dropping down the pit to continue deeper into the Pyramidion.
  • Go over to the right, Sagira will tell you that she can reprogram the nearby warp gate to get you to where you need to go.
  • Fight over to the right, going down the ramp.


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