The Objective, “Step into the future” in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

Step into the future is an Objective in the Quest Up and Up in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.


Travel deeper into the Infinite Forest.


  • Go down the stairs to start your journey through the Infinite Forest to the Simulant Future.
  • There you will encounter a few Dregs.
  • Go around the corner to an arena with a number of Cabal.
  • You will encounter a number of Phalanx, Legionary, and a Centurion.
  • That Centurion is a Daemon.
  • Go across the arena after you defeat the Cabal and open the door there.
  • This will open the next pathway you need to transverse.
  • From there, turn left to confront the Fallen Shanks that are there.
  • Just past them, in the straight portion, you will encounter a Legionary.
  • Turn to the left and look down.
  • You will see a walkway below you that you can drop down onto.
  • Defeat the fighting Dregs and Psions.
  • Continue forward from there to reach the next arena with Cabal in it.
  • Here you will encounter Legionaries and 2 Centurion, one of which is a Daemon.
  • Defeat them Daemon and then immediately head for the door to the next pathway toward the Simulant Future.
  • Follow the path forward and drop down onto the walkway below you.
  • Follow the stairs up, but be careful when you see the first Wretches.
  • Among their number are Axis Wretches and the sheer number makes it easy for any Guardian to get overwhelmed.
  • Go over to the right, where you can see the doorway to the next path, approach and activate it.
  • On it you will encounter a pair of Dregs, then on the next corner, a Legionary.
  • Follow this path to the Vex Launcher and use it to reach the arena above you.
  • Here, you will have the option to fight through Cabal Psions, Legionaries and Centurions.
  • Clear what you need to then open the doorway to the final forest path.
  • When the path materializes, you will be confronted by Psions.
  • Deal with them and head straight forward.
  • Jump over into the lower portion to find the next arena with Cabal.
  • Here you will be confronted by War Beasts, and Gladiators.
  • Opening the door will lead to a smaller arena.
  • Here, you will encounter a few Shanks and Dregs. blocking your way that you can either destroy or simply run past.
  • Follow this path to reach the Simulant Future.


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