The Objective, “Stop Enkaar, the weapon master” in Destiny 2.

Stop Enkaar, the weapon master is an Objective in the Quest The Conversation in Destiny 2.




  • A hole in the ground will open up in front of you when the crystal is destroyed.
  • Drop into this opening and carefully land on the ground below you.
  • This will lead you into the Broodhold.
  • Make your way forward, along the ledges on the left.
  • Continue forward to the Hive sigil you will see on the ground.
  • Approach and stand on it to summon up Enkaar, the Anointed.
  • From the sigil, a gun will appear in front of you.
  • Interact with the Hand Cannon that appears with the Draw! prompt.
  • You need to wait for Enkaar, the Anointed to draw their weapon before you can shoot them with the Last Word.
  • Defeating them will lead to a wave of Hive coming after you.
  • A large number of [[Destiny 2: Thrall|Thrall] and Revenant Cursed Thrall.
  • There are will also be 2 Revenant Knights.
  • Clearing out these hive will make the next thing you are doing easier.
  • Across the room, you will find another Hive Sigil that you will want to stand on.
  • Just like last time, you will see Enkaar appear in front of you again.
  • Once again, you must wait for them to draw before you can fire on them and kill them once again.
  • This time, you will also see a Spectral Herald that you will need to deal with first.
  • Wait for each to draw and immediately shoot them as you see their gun move.
  • Continue on up the slope in front of you, toward the next marker.
  • You will see yet more Thrall, Cursed Thralls and Acolytes.
  • Make your way through the tunnel deeper, going over the hill and down the next slope.
  • This leads to a third, and final, Hive sigil.
  • Once again, Enkaar will appear with 2 Spectral Heralds.
  • Focus on the Spectral Heralds in the order they spawn, then Enkaar.
  • You will get the Last Word and the final quest step, a A Darker Path.