The Objective, “Stop the bathing ritual” in Destiny 2.

Stop the bathing ritual is an Objective in the Raid Leviathan in Destiny 2.



  • The team needs to divide up, 4 people for plates and 2 floaters.
  • This works out to 3 on the right and 3 on the left.
  • There are 4 plates with symbols, 2 to on the left and 2 on the right near the back walls.
  • If you are a Floater, go to the middle and claim the orb floating there.
  • Avoid the black liquid filling the area after that as much as possible.
  • The plates they will be jumping on are denoted by a hovering blackish sphere.
  • Do not touch the black liquid because it will hurt you unless you have a particular Buff: Psionic Protection, it will hurt the Guardian.
  • This fight breaks into 2 phases which will loop until completed.


  • To begin the encounter, those by the symbol plate need to jump down onto them.
  • The buff Psionic Protection will stop the surrounding fluid from harming the Guardians on the plate.
  • Those on the plate will see the chain in front of them raising up.
  • You need to hold this plate and not stop off it.
  • This will bring up a Ceremonial Bather.
  • Each plate will have approximately 3 that need to be killed.
  • Immediately begin attacking them because they will charge the Guardian on that plate.
  • The few floaters will need to deal with the Loyalist Legionaries and Loyalist Psions.
  • Those on the plates will need to watch their buff: Psionic Protection.
  • The Floater for each side will need to hold the plates for those on it when their buff stacks get low.
  • Call out around the 20 stacks mark for a switch. Understand that someone maybe in the process of switching though.
  • Those from the plates will need to head into the middle and grab the floating orb once again to refill the buff.
  • The one on the plate is now a floater to work on clearing out the adds and to give the other plate holder a chance to refresh their buff.
  • Continue this until you see arms raise and clamp onto the chain and a chime sounds.


  • This phase calls for the fireteam to gather on the center plate.
  • The central plate is now glowing.
  • Those standing on the plate will have the buff: Force of Will.
  • This will allow them to damage the hanging lanterns in the corners with the purple crystals inside them.
  • Some of the fireteam needs to focus on the adds while the rest focus on break these hanging lanterns.
  • There are a total of 12 containers, 3 on each corner.
  • Bursting all 12 of the lanterns will end the encounter.

  • When the buff Force of Will is up, the team on the plate will be thrown from it by a Psion, Sol Councilor, appearing and putting a shield around it.
  • A Guardian needs to enter into the shielded area and simply melee them to get rid of them.
  • This will have them create a projection which also needs to be killed, this time by shooting it.
  • Failing to do this in time will result in a wipe.

Prestige Mode[edit]

  • The overall strategy has not changed, you must bring everything into position to summon the lanterns and destroy them.
  • Enemies have more health and do more damage.

  • After a cycle of the lanterns, 4 of the 6 Guardians will get a debuff, Burden of Worthiness
    • To remove this debuff, head to the middle plate and look at the icon above it: Beast, Chalice, Axes or Sun.
  • Axes are Bottom Right, Chalice is Top Right, Beast is Bottom Left, and Spears are Top Left.
    • Run to the plate that has that symbol to remove the debuff and regain Psionic Protection.
    • If not completed in time, the debuff will kill the Guardian.
    • A Psionic Projection will also appear in the room.
    • It must be killed to avoid unleashing its powerful blast.

Challenge Mode[edit]

  • To complete the Challenge, 1 person must remain in the middle pool for the entirety of the encounter.
  • They cannot leave the fluid pool, stepping onto the walkways around the pool.
  • One person needs to hold the pool, standing in the fluid for the whole time.
  • This person can rotate, but there must be someone in the middle pool constantly.
  • They need to stay on the ground.
  • They can replenish their buff by going to the middle plate and collecting the orb.

  • Reward is extra tokens, unique emblem, guaranteed prestige armor (on that difficulty).