The Objective, “Stop the feedback” in Destiny 2.

Stop the feedback is an Objective in the Adventure Poor Reception in Destiny 2.


While Ghost remotely disables the jamming signal, defeat all Fallen in Scavenger's Den.


  • There are a number of Dregs and Shanks scattered throughout the chamber you will need to fight.
  • Vandals, Marauders, and Graxus, Blind Captain are also here, in the back of the chamber, from a second Skiff that appears.
  • Graxus is protected by an Arc Shield.
  • Clear out the other Fallen first, then focus on Graxus, Blind Captain
  • Save a few of the explosive barrels to make things a little easier on yourself.
  • Once you defeat Graxus, Blind Captain, you will receive the cache code for this Lost Sector.
  • The cache is found in the very back


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