The Objective, “Storm the command deck” in Destiny 2.
The Objective, “Storm the command deck” in Destiny 2.
The Objective, “Storm the command deck” in Destiny 2.

Storm the command deck is an Objective in the Story Unbroken in Destiny 2.


Locate a console that Ghost can use to find the Red Legion carrier's schematics.

Leap through the elevator shaft.

Push through the Red Legion defenses toward the command deck.


  • Inside Echion Hold, you will be encountering War Beast, Phalanx, Psions,
  • Go to the left and up the ramp there.
  • Fight on through the Phalanx and Psions at the top of that ramp.
  • There is another ramp to go up on the right.
  • This leads to more Cabal with War Beasts, Legionary, and Centurion.
  • At the top of the second ramp, fight through those Cabal and go over to the first console toward the middle of the room.

  • Go forward from the console to the elevator you can see lowering down in front of you.
  • Climb up the crates in front of you and up onto the tank in front of you.
  • From the tank, jump up and into the doorway above the tank's far side.
  • Follow the hallway upwards to a closed door.
  • The door will open just after you approach, leading you into Echion Control.
  • Continue forward to the next doorway.

  • This will lead you to one that will open and reveal Legionary, and 3 War Beasts.
  • The door will close immediately after they are through and lock.
  • Look to the left and close to the top of the hallway.
  • You will see a vent there. Shoot it out to open it up.
  • Go on up through the pipes, and over to the right, through the opening there.
  • You will come to a pair of small ramps with more vents.
  • Shoot out the vents here to clear the path forward.
  • Drop through the vent into the next room.
  • You will find a large number of Gladiators, Psions, Phalanx, and Legionaries.
  • Fight your way on through to the far end of this room.
  • There are a number more Legionaries, Psions and Phalanx
  • In the back of the room, 2 more Legionaries will attack you, along with 4 Psions.
  • 2 of the Psions are on ledges above you and they will actively be trying to snipe you.
  • In the very back, blocking your way forward you will encounter a Blood Guard Centurion.
  • Jump up onto the walkway around the center back of this area.
  • After that, go on up the ramp on the right-hand side of the center back.
  • At the top, go over to the left and break the vent there.
  • Go through the vent and drop down into the hallway it leads to.
  • This will bring you into Echion Control.
  • You will need to activate a control node by the large red door to continue forward.
  • The room has a number of Legionaries and Psions
  • There 2 Blood Guard Security by the large red door.

  • On the other side, you will see another Blood Guard Security.
  • There are more Psions and Legionaries for you to fight.
  • Amanda Holliday will come into the hangar with her ship and start attacking.
  • She will do heavy damage to all the enemies in the room, if not kill them.
  • Make your way on through the full room.
  • Once again, you will need to fight a few more Blood Guard Security.

  • Once through the door, go on up the stairs and fight the Cabal at the top.
  • Fight on through them and follow the passage forward.
  • This leads to a short room with more Psions and a Legionary.
  • Defeat them and head forward to the door just beyond them.
  • The next room has another pair of Psions, and a Legionary about the middle and a Blood Guard Exemplar in the back.
  • Defeat them and head through the door to trigger the next objective.


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