Supply Drop Public Event in Destiny 2.

The Supply Drop is a unique public event which can happen during the Faction Rally.

Event Summary[edit]

  • 4-5 marked locations will spawn in with the notification that an Enemy Supply Drop is occurring.
  • A yellow bar enemy will be defending the location.
  • The Guardians need to hold the location until the supplies can be transmatted back to the City.
  • If this enemy holds the position long enough, the opposing forces will claim the supplies and Guardians will receive nothing:
  • Enemies will frequently send reinforcements to the Supply Drop with Guardians on it.
  • Any Supply drop that has progress on it will show an orange outline around the Public Event Symbol.
  • The more orange around it, the closer it is to completion.
  • Each Supply Drop claimed gives you 1 Faction Token and 1 token for the Planet you are on.
  • Each is denoted as claimed when you see Enemy supplies claimed for the City in the bottom left of your screen, above your super meter.


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