The Objective, “Survive the Hunt” in Destiny 2.

Survive the Hunt is an Objective in the Raid Leviathan in Destiny 2.


Defeat Calus's Royal Beasts.


  • Head down the corridor and into the Pleasure Gardens.
  • The area breaks down into 3 parts: The Safe Room, the Jungle and the Rocks.
  • The Fireteam will want to split up again, this time: 4 into the Jungle and 2 up on the Rocks.
  • If fireteam members need Power Ammo, they should kill the Beast Handlers.

  • To begin the encounter, drop into the mist-filled Jungle and kill off the Beast Handlers and the Loyalist War Beast.
  • This will cause 2 Prism Weapons to appear on top of the Safe Room.
  • 2 Guardians need to grab the Prism Weapons and the rest need to head into the Safe Room.
  • What you are doing is now determined by either having one of the Prism Weapons or having one of the Spores.

Psionic Howl[edit]

  • This part of the raid functions very similarly to the Navigate the Labyrinth in the Vault of Glass.
  • If the War Beasts below spot any Guardian, before they are ready, the whole fire team needs retreat to the large safe room.
  • Being spotted triggers the War Beasts to begin their Psionic Howl.
  • Any Guardian caught in this blast outside of the Safe Room will die.
  • This Safe Room can only be used a limited number of times.
  • The lights by the top opening on it show the uses remaining before the Safe Room access is revoked.
  • The door will be open for 30-45 seconds once the Howl starts.


  • Collect a Spore from the back of the room.
  • Those with the Spores will want to move as a group and keep close together.
  • The Glowing Flower will only be active for a limited time once any Guardian approaches it.
  • Approach the Glowing Flower as a group that the Guardian with the Prism Weapon has called out.
  • The whole team needs to be together to maximize the benefit from each Flower.
  • For every team member nearby the flower when triggered, you will gain 3 stacks of Empowered Spores.
  • Ideally, each burst will grant those with the spores 12 stacks of Empowered Spores.
  • Once those with the Spores have 24-36 stacks, the Fireteam is ready to attack the War Beasts.
  • The first time, you can try to get 36-48
  • Any of these named War Beasts that die stay dead unless the fireteam wipes.
  • This makes very possible for the Spore team to move freely when the War Beasts on a single side are cleared out.

Prism Weapons[edit]

  • Those with the Prism Weapon can grab it and jump over to any of the rocks with a Glowing Light on it.
  • While standing in the light, pressing R2/RT will let you fire a beam from it.
  • You can aim the beam more precisely using L2/LT.
  • Call out where you see the Flowers glowing.
  • When those with the Spores are by the flowers, fire the beam into the Flower to empower their spores.
  • Immediately look to the sides of the Pleasure Gardens.
  • A Beast Handler Sniper will appear and start attacking those with the Prism Weapons.
  • Immediately fire on the Beast Handlers once you spot them.
  • Help those in the Jungle navigate around the War Beasts in the mists.

Killing the War Beasts[edit]

  • There are 6 named War Beasts roaming this area. With the previous steps completed, it is time to kill them off.
  • The War Beasts are Ta'aurc, Va'ase, Tho'ourg, Aru'un, M'orn, and B'ael.
  • Any of these named War Beasts that die stay dead unless the fireteam wipes.
  • Each of the War Beasts will run to a specific location, one of the Flower Spore locations, when the howl begins.
  • This makes very possible for the Spore team to move freely when the War Beasts on a single side are cleared out.
  • It is advisable to kill 3-4 of the War Beasts in a single phase.
  • The most beasts are dead, the quicker the War Beasts get restless and the sooner they will automatically trigger their Psionic Howl.


Prestige Mode[edit]

  • Enemies are more durable and do more damage.
  • The dogs have new paths that they are following.
  • 2 new Beasts have been added into the hunt which must be defeated as well.
  • The new beasts are Za'ahn and Gra'ask.
  • The War Beast that come in during the Psionic Howl are more aggressive as well.
  • The timer is also shorter for triggering subsequent Psionic Howls, but the exact reduction is unknown.

Challenge Mode[edit]

No Guardian, per cycle (trigger the Psionic Howl), can use the Prism on more than 1 flower.

  • This sets a lower maximum amount of spores that can be collected (24).
  • The fireteam can reconvene in the Safety Room, and exchange who is holding the Spore and the Prism to get additional stacks.
  • It is recommended to only do this once, allow you to reach a possible maximum of 48.
  • It is also recommended that each Guardian be assigned a Watch Dog to run to and eliminate it.
  • Remember that Pulse Grenades are very powerful here and can quickly kill most of the Dogs.