The Objective, “Find a way to the Shard of the Traveler” in Destiny 2.

Survive the dark tunnel is an Objective in the Quest Spark Redux in Destiny 2.


  • After passing into the tunnel it will go very dark, with Ghost lighting the way forward for you.
  • Go up onto the rocks on the left.
  • This will ensure that you are safe when a wave of 4 Exploder Shanks come in from the right.
  • Continue deeper into the tunnel from there.
  • Keep to the left as you approach the lip of the next ledge, once again, more Exploder Shanks are coming for you.
  • Destroy the ones in the lead, and then just keep shooting in that direction to get the rest as they line up and come toward you.
  • Continue down the slope carefully, keeping to the right.
  • One more shank, a Resilient Homing Shank waits in ambush for you.
  • Destroy it and continue forward to the cavern.
  • You will see a Marauder crawl down a stalagmite into the pool of water below.
  • Drop down into that pool to take on a group of Marauders.
  • Defeat them and head toward far edge of the pool, where you will be confronted by 2 Vandals with Wire Rifles, attempting to Snipe you.
  • From there, just head forward through the second portion of the tunnel.
  • This will lead you out into the Blackened Forest.
  • Go out the door ahead over to the right to reach the next portion of this redux memory.


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