The Quest Step, Tainted Artifact in Destiny 2: Black Armory.

Tainted Artifact is a quest step in Destiny 2: Black Armory.

Part of the The Draw Quest.


"Some who walk a darker path believe what we call 'Weapons of Sorrow' ain't a complete science. This artifact could be a key to a new understanding - if you're willing to risk temptation."

Purge the artifacts of its sickness.


  • Talk to the Drifter
  • Hive defeated with Solar damage
  • Hive Tables collected: 0/75
  • Hive Bosses defeated: 0/3


  • To begin this quest, go to the Bazaar and talk with the Drifter.
  • He will present you with the Tainted artifact, and you will need to start working on purging the Darkness from it.
  • To complete this Quest Step quickly, head to Mars, going to Braytech Futurescape to go into the Lost Sector: Core Terminus.
  • The Hive Tablets will simply drop as you kill off the Hive.
  • Be sure you have a Solar Weapon equipped to get he kills you are after.
  • This will get you the Cleansed Artifact

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