The Public Event, “Taken Blight” in Destiny 2.

Taken Blight is a Public Event in Destiny 2.


Kill Taken to sting the Blight.


  • Kill the Taken emerging from the Taken Blights.
  • As you do this, the percentage will decrease, eventually reaching zero.
  • When the Taken concentration hits zero, the event is complete.

Walkthrough - Trigger Heroic[edit]

  • Move in and out of the Blighted area.
  • This will grant the buff Blight Receding that lasts 5 seconds.
  • During this time, the large Blight can be damage.
  • Destroy the large Blight to trigger the heroic version.
  • This will summon in a Blightwalker.
  • Defeat the Blightwalker to complete the Heroic Event.


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