The Objective, “Team up with Osiris to defeat Panoptes” in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

Team up with Osiris to defeat Panoptes is an Objective in the Story Omega in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.




  • This is the last round in the arena and Panoptes, Infinite Mind summons in Cabal to come against you.
  • The initial wave has a number of Psions scattered throughout the area.
  • Heading toward the back where Panoptes was, will trigger a number of War Beasts being released and coming after you.
  • You can either fight them or just run toward the Reflections of Osiris to get launched toward the very back of the arena.

  • When you land, immediately a large number Fanatics will come charging at you.
  • Aim for ones more toward the middle to ensure you get the most of the Vex when any one explodes.
  • Just behind them, on either side of the walkway in front of you, are Axis Goblins.
  • Defeat them and move toward the middle of this walkway.
  • You will find another set of Fanatics to deal with in addition to Harpies.
  • More Fanatics, Harpies and Goblins await as you get closer to Panoptes.
  • In the back, in addition to the Axis Goblins, you will find Alecto, Infinity Proxy.
  • Take on this Hydra carefully, using the nearby cover to avoid its barrage of shots as needed. And remember that it explodes a short while after death.
  • When you reach the end of the walkway you are on, Osiris will come flying in to deal with the Vex Mind and its attempt to rewrite the reality around it.
  • Rush onto the stairs when they appear in front of you.
  • Grab the Arc Charge at the top of them.
  • Run forward along the walkway that the Reflections of Osiris create.
  • Slam the Arc Charge into the rift in front of you.
  • One last time, you are teleported in front of the Eye of Panoptes itself.
  • Unleash your most powerful shots on the eye itself.
  • The Vex mind will explode when its health is drained, this will start the closing cinematic for the story campaign.


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