The Objective, “Tempt the Icon of Excess” in Destiny 2.

Tempt the Icon of Excess is an Objective in the Dungeon called Grasp of Avarice in Destiny 2.


Claim Cursed Engrams from combatants and tempt the Icon of Excess.


  • Defeating the Thralls, Acolytes will have them drop Golden Engrams that will confirm the buff Burdened by Riches.
  • Collecting the Engrams will grant you stacks of Burdened by Riches.
  • A total of 60 stacks of Burdened by Riches need to be collected and brought into the Loot Cave itself.
  • Inside the cave, head to the back where there is a small Crystal.
  • Approach and stand by the crystal to have the Burdened by Riches transfer over to the Crystal.
  • The Crystal will grow over time.
  • As the Crystal reaches its full growth, you will encounter a Revenant Wizard that appears.