The Objective, “The Black Armory Vault” in Destiny 2.

The Black Armory Vault is an Objective in the Raid Scourge of the Past in Destiny 2.


Reach Vault Ebisu.


  • Touching down into Botza Downtown, you arrive on a rooftop with your team.
  • Getting down to the ground level, you will start to encounter Shanks.
  • The first goal is to make your way to the middle of the map, where you will encounter a Berserker, Kell's Scourge.
  • To defeat this enemy, fireteam members need to move close to bait it into using its Suppression Field.
  • 1 member needs to be in front and 1 needs to be behind it to ensure you can hit both weak points quickly to defeat them in only an opening or two.
  • Defeating them will cause them to drop a Radiant Battery or two.