The Gift of Appreciation Quest in The Witch Queen.

Collect Umbral Helmets[edit]

  • "Fynch knows the Lucent Brood won't sit idle if the Scorn come calling. He asks you to grab whatever you can from the Scorn and use it as bait to draw out the Hive"
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  • Defeat Scorn in the Miasma to obtain 10 Umbral Helmets.
  • This is an easy step, simply

Collect All Regional Chests[edit]

Defeat the Brood and Complete a Public Event[edit]


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  • Within the Queen's Bailey, place the Umbral Helmets and defeat the Hive Lightbearers, then crush their Ghosts.

Return to Fynch[edit]

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  • Return to Fynch in the Quagmire
  • Talk with him to complete the quest.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

The Gift of Appreciation video Walkthrough