The Hanged Man in Destiny 2.

The Hanged Man is an Bounty in Destiny 2.


'Petty minds + unfit for survival.

Collect metaphysical samples from the defeated combatants in the Dreaming City. Complete the strike, "The Corrupted."

  • Scorned Samples: 0/9
  • Hive Samples: 0/9
  • Taken Samples: 0/9

Walkthrough - 5/10/2019[edit]

  • This invitation works perfectly fine without any patching!
  • During Week 2 of the Curse, Taken are more prevalent throughout the whole of the Dreaming City.
  • Traveling around the Spine of Keres is a great place to find the Taken.
  • Complete the story mission Dark Monastery to encounter copious amounts of Scorn and Taken.
  • Travel to the Lost Sector, Bay of Drowned Wishes to find a lot of Scorn if you need more to kill.
  • Many can be found within the Ascendant Challenge as well.
  • The Hive can be found in the Gardens of Esila without any trouble.
  • Look around the entrance to the Blind Well to find them most easily.
  • Scorned can be found in numerous places throughout the the Dreaming City
  • A favorite haunt is Rheasilvia to find numerous Scorn.
  • Complete the strike in the Dreaming City, the Corrupted.
  • This Strike has a large number of Taken and Hive enemies.

The Hanged Man Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ The Hanged Man Video Walkthrough]