The High Priestess in Destiny 2.

The High Priestess is an Bounty in Destiny 2.



Collect metaphysical samples from the defeated combatants on Nessus. Complete strike, The Inverted Spire.

  • Cabal Sample: 0/9
  • Vex Samples: 0/9
  • Fallen Samples: 0/9

Walkthrough - 3/29/2019[edit]

  • There are once again 3 targets you need to hunt, Cabal, Fallen and Vex on Nessus.
  • Running the strike for the quest, The Inverted Spire will very likely get you all of the Vex and Cabal Metaphysical samples that you need.
  • The Fallen do not feature in the strike, so participating in Heroic Adventures on Nessus that focus on them, and completing Public Events will get you the needed samples.
  • Once again, head into the Gambit Directory and head to the Mystery and Potential.
  • When you arrive on the Haull, take some time to go to the Drifter's Bunk and search around the table nearby its opening to find some more lore.
  • After that, go through the large portal to the Pit and head inside it.
  • Once again, a cutscene will playout, showing the Emissary and the Nine talking.
  • This time they are discussing the Awoken queen, Mara Sov.
  • Watching the statue in the background, it will slowly turn its head toward the Emissary and the Guardian.
  • Collect the loot to complete the bounty.

The High Priestess Video Walkthrough[edit]

The High Priestess Video Walkthrough