The Lucent Moths in the Witch Queen.

The Lucent Moths are a rotating Collectibles added in the Witch Queen.


The Lucents Moths can be found scattered throughout the whole of Savathun's Throne World.

  • Only a few moths can be found each week around the Throne World.

The Moth Locations[edit]

Quagmire Moth[edit]

  • Make your way to the tunnel found in the Quagmire nearby the Lost Sector.
  • Go into the tunnel here and take on the Hive that appear here.
  • Defeat all of them to have the Lucent Moth appear.
  • The final one Ubartu-Ana, is a Wizard.
  • Defeat them and look to the Southeastenr part of the wall here.
  • You will find the moth sitting on its crystal.

Alluring Curtain Moth[edit]

  • Make your way to the Alluring Curtain through the Florescent Canal.
  • Once in the Alluring Curtain, turn to the North and head along the path here.
  • You will find a group of Hive nearby a Deepsight Orb.
  • Activate the Orb and jump out to the pillar ahead to the right.
  • Climb up the deepsight platforms to reach the top of the pillar there.
  • From the top of the platform, jump over to the next pillar using the nearby suspended platform.
  • Jump from the ledge on the top of the platform over to the edge of the balcony here.
  • Ignore going inside the building and jump toward the area to the left.
  • Get to the overhang building and head into the middle of it.
  • Inside there, you will find another Deepsight Orb.
  • Activate the Orb, turn around, and then head forward, going slightly to the left.
  • Climb up onto the Deepsight Platforms.
  • Get up onto the balcony ahead and then jump out up onto the white pillar to the left.
  • On the pillar turn to the right and go to the suspended pillar with the large urn on it.
  • From there, jump out over to the left to the next pillar to the lower platform.
  • Jump down to the extended balcony there and head into the next building.
  • Take the stairs here up to the raised balcony here.
  • Head straight back in this area and through the open archway in the back of the balcony area.
  • This should lead you to a large open area with a fountain in the middle of it.
  • Around here, you will be able to find Ir Olena, Mothkeeper.
  • Defeat the Mothkeeper to find the next Lucent Moth here.
  • Wherever they died, you will find the Lucent Moth.

Apothecary Moth[edit]

  • This one starts from the Alluring Curtain Moth.
  • Head through the nearby door between the stairs on the far side of the fountain.
  • Run across the fountain inside this room and get into the hallway beyond it.
  • Turn to the left and go down the hallway and then take the stairs down into the next area.
  • Continue down to the area here, getting to the bottom of the area.
  • Turn to the left and go through the doorway here.
  • This will bring you into the Apothecary.
  • Once there, head over to the right and go up the stairs here to reach the next section of the walkway.
  • On this walkway, run along it to reach a Deepsight Orb.
  • Once you activate the Deepsight Orb, there are 5 Hive Symbols that appear around here and you will have 30 seconds to find and shoot them.
  • One of them is found just by going down the stairs here.
  • Look to the small thing nearby the spire and shoot the marker here.
  • Head over to the right, to find the symbol which is on the far side of the raised stairs.
  • On the far stairs, toward where you climbed up to reach the Orb, to find the Symbol.
  • Get over to the opposite side of the stairs that you went down to find the first symbol.
  • On the far side you will find another Hive symbol in the archway below where you activated the Deepsight Orb.
  • Activate the Symbol and then jump for the back of the raised section where the Orb was.
  • Look on the back of the back right-hand planter to find the symbol.
  • Shoot the symbol.
  • Now, jump down and look into the area below the Deepsight Orb.
  • Look toward the opening toward the inner walls to find the symbol.

Miasma Moth[edit]

  • This Lucent Moth is found in the Miasma.
  • From the entrance leading into the Miasma, head forward toward the middle of the area.
  • Continue forward along the outside of the area to find the tree with the hanging moss.
  • Once there, get to the far side of the tree and start jumping up into the tree using the far branch.
  • Head over to the left and climb up.
  • In the branches, opposite where you climbed, you will find the Lucent Moth.

Witch's Echo Moth[edit]

  • Time to head for the Witch's Echo, which is nearby the Miasma.
  • Head to the Northern exit of Miasma to reach the Witch's Echo, going down into the opening in the ground.
  • Descend downwards into the area proper, after jumping the gap (which we've all fallen into).
  • Head down the tunnel and jump the next gap, going past the Orange Portal.
  • Turn to the far left-hand path and head down this slope.
  • Continue down into the chamber with the suspended cells.
  • Turn to the right and find the Deepsight Orb.
  • Activate the orb and look over to the far side of the orb, to the right-hand side of the collapsed.
  • There is a shallow doorway just past 2 urns to the right of the collapsed you can find the Lucent Moth.

Temple of the Wrathful Moth[edit]

  • Time to continue down the path into the depths Witch's Echo, follow this down into the darkness and Temple of the Wrathful.
  • After that, continue on through to the pillar with the remains of balconies.
  • Jump over to the left and go for the small gap open below the balcony on the left.
  • From there, drop down into the lower back area.
  • Here, you will need to fight on through all the enemies that are found around here.
  • Clear out the Hive and then look to the far side, next to the crate to find the Lucent Moth.

Temple of Cunning Moth[edit]

  • From the Temple of Cunning Moth, it is time to continue to the next Moth.
  • Turn around and head over to the right.
  • You will find a white bridge with a Stalker on it.
  • Continue along the path to the right, going into the tower.
  • From there, turn to the left and head across the walkway.
  • Head through the doorway at the far end of the walkway.
  • Go around the pillar at the far end and another walkway leading downward.
  • This will get through to Temple of Cunning.
  • Once there, continue forward and drop down to the level below over the first ledge.
  • From there, drop down and over to the left into a hallway.
  • Run to the end of the hallway and jump across the next room and its orange glowing pit in the middle (and its small island of safety).
  • Slip through the opening of the far wall from there.
  • Continue through the opening in the hallway, and you can stay on the ground to continue along this passage.
  • Keep going to reach the large open room with the large platform in the middle.
  • Look to the pillar to the front left of the large platform

Florescent Canal Moth[edit]

  • Time to return to the surface and get to the Florescent Canal.
  • Find the fountain nearby the Lost Sector here.
  • Go to the lower pool of the fountain.
  • Search around it, where you can find the Lucent Moth on a floating plate that is slowly rotating around the pool of the fountain.

Court of Thorns Moth[edit]

  • This Moth is only accessible through the Wellspring.
    • If attacking: it is available at the end.
    • If defending: it is available at the beginning.
  • Head into the front right (defending perspective, by the stairs) chamber.
  • Inside this chamber, go to the back left.
  • Here, look to the Hive Thrall Statue here.
  • Look to the left hand of the statue to find the Moth.

Altar of Reflection Moth[edit]

  • Time to head into the Altar of Reflection (of any kind) to find this next moth.
  • Complete the puzzle and head into the main area of the Altar.
  • Clear out the Lucent Hive here.
  • After that, you need to find the Deepsight Orb here, found in the front right of the area from the back.
  • Activate Deepsight and look to the right to find a Deepsight platform here.
  • Jump out to it and then look to the left.
  • Jump to the platform above the doorway you entered through.
  • There you will find the Moth.

Placing the Moths[edit]

  • After collecting these moths, you can bring them into the cave next to Fynch.
  • Each of them can be placed on a portion of a ledge (or by the entrance).