"The Variable" Exotic Quest in Season of Defiance.

"The Variable" Exotic Quest in Season of Defiance.


Investigate Digital Trace[edit]

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    • The War Table reported that strange digital traces were found somewhere in the EDZ.
    • Investigate the Gulch where Guardians have reported anomalous objects.
  • This is the starting point of the hidden Exotic Quest.
  • Go to the EDZ and fast travel to the Gulch.
  • There are 6 Vex Data Points floating throughout this area you will need to find and collect before entering a hidden cave to begin NODE.OVRD.AVALON.
    • Key Note: Once you start collecting the Nodes, you will only have 30 second to collect the next node.
    • This timer resets on collect.

Data Points[edit]

  • From the Gulch landing zone, jump across the gap to the ledge with the small Cabal Camp.
  • Go around the bend and look to the antennae that are there.
  • Between them you can find a Data Point.
  • From there, turn to the East and drop down to the watery area.
  • In the tree stumps just ahead you will find another Data Point.
  • Head over to the left from there toward the rocks.
  • Not too far from there you will see the Data Point against the wall.
  • Turn to the right from there and head toward the road signs.
  • Get over to the signs and you can see a Data Point just above it.
  • Jump up to the top of the signs to collect the Data Point.
  • Turn around and head along the broken road for a moment.
  • Follow it upwards until it reaches the rocks and mountain side.
  • Go to the left and into the trees.
  • Just a little way in you will find the Data Point.
  • Turn around and for the bridge.
  • Jump down to the watery area and go to the far side of it.
  • Get to the far side of the bridge and jump up onto the small steel container nearby the water side of it.
  • Jump up and over to the final Data Point.

Finding the Cave[edit]

  • Turn and head for the road that leads up to the bridge.
  • Go up the road and bear just to the left to jump over the rocks, a little bit before you would be crossing onto the bridge.
  • Follow the dirt path ahead for a few moments, looking on the rocks for the light on the wall.
  • Just to the left of that light (facing it head-on) is the revealed cave.
  • Run into this cave and make your way to the back of it.
  • You will hear from Mithrax as you make your way along this course.
  • Interact with the friendly harpy floating in front of you to begin the mission: NODE.OVRD.AVALON.

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Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ The Variable Video Walkthrough]