The Objective, “Tier 3” in Destiny 2.

Tier 3 is an Objective in the Activity The Reckoning in Destiny 2.


Defeat the Likeness of Oyrx.



    • Time Limit: 40 seconds
    • Recommended Power: 680, minimum of 670.
  • Once again, to begin, approach the Bank at the edge of the pit.
  • Wager a Middling Mote into the bank to begin.
  • If available, have someone plant a Raid Banner to recharge all abilities, Supers, and refill all ammo.
  • Once you have, wait for the timer for the depositing to run down.
  • In the last few seconds, jump down into the pit to begin the first section, Dominance.


    • Time Limit 5:30
  • Just like Tier 1, you begin by showing "Dominance" over the Taken in the entry plaza.
  • Once again, you will need to clear enemies and advance your percentage to 100%.
  • Remember to take ready advantage of your Supers to fight on through.
  • There is little more to do here than clear your way through the hordes.
  • Keep the modifiers in mind as you fight through these hordes.
  • This is the time to work through the kinks in any team strategies to ensure a high DPS.

Bridge of Folly[edit]

    • Time Limit: 40 seconds per section
  • This is the new section for Tier 2, the Bridge of Folly.
  • The Fireteam needs to advance along the bridge, capturing zones to construct it.
  • For each section, you will have 40 seconds to complete the capture.
  • This means you need to rush from one completed section to the next new section immediately for the 6 sections.
  • As you advance along the bridge, you will be capturing each zone as you fight through the hordes of Taken.
  • Taken Enemies: Shadow Thrall, Consumed Ogre, Hobgoblin Snipers
  • Be wary of the Snipers who will be appearing on the pillars of to the sides.
  • Advance to the end of the bridge, where you will be taken into a Dark Realm.
  • The very first section of the Bridge of Folly has you fighting through mostly Shadow Thrall.
  • Getting onto the second section, more Shadow Thrall will be coming from the base of the bridge.
  • From the sides of the bridge, you will be encountering Taken Hobgoblins that will be attempting to snipe
  • Advancing to the third section, your team will encounter more Hobgoblins on the sides and yet more Shadow Thrall rushing up the bridge to you.
  • Fight on through the Taken through the remaining sections.

Boss Encounter - Defeat the Likeness of Oryx[edit]

    • Time Limit: 4 minutes
  • Go to the end of the Bridge of Folly and watch the structure open itself up, allowing you passage in.
  • Head to the launcher that illuminates to launch you to the final platform.
  • On this platform, you will encounter the Likeness of Oryx.
  • This is your final encounter for the Reckoning in Tier 3.
  • Throughout the encounter you will find Shadow Thrall, Acolytes, and Consumed Ogres (and likely another Boss or two).
  • The Likeness of Oyrx will teleport around moving to specific parts of the map.
  • Just after it teleports, it will enact its Counterfeit Gaze.