Titan Savathun Eyes in Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals.

Savathun Eyes on Titan in Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals.

The Rig Savathun Eyes[edit]

Eye 1 - By Sloane[edit]

  • Arriving on Siren's Watch, head to Sloane and head into the room adjacent to her, down the stairs.
  • Once there, turn to the left, just past the crates.
  • It's hard to miss.

Eye 2 - Southern[edit]

  • Make your way to the Southern section of Siren's Watch (between the T and C of "Watch"), this is in the area you encounter Fallen.
  • Look up between the buildings here and to the ropes streching between them.
  • You can find the eye suspended there.

Sinking Docks Savathun Eye[edit]

  • Make your way into the Sinking Docks and into the interior of the section.
  • Head through the first hallway and into the first room with Hive.
  • Once there, look for the large window and move to it.
  • Look up and to the right to find the Eye.

Methane Flush Savathun Eye[edit]

  • Return to Siren's Watch and head into the Methane Flush lost sector.
  • Once inside there, go through to the first room and head to the middle of it (after clearing the Hive).
  • Look between the pipes in the celing to fidn the Eye hidden there.

The Rig Savathun Eyes[edit]

Eye 1 - Witch's Ritual Location[edit]

  • Head into the building on The Rig, where you can participate in the Witch's Ritual public event.
  • Enter from the landing zone side and just look between the pillars to the left.
  • The eye is easy to spot nearby the ceiling from there.

Eye 2 - Outside Xur[edit]

  • From the Landing Zone for the Rig, make your way along the Northern edge of the Rig, look to the path leading toward Cargo Bay.
  • Look to the collapsed walkway leading toward the Lost Sector, nearby where Xur will appear.
  • In the corner here, you can find the Eye.

Cargo Bay 3 Savathun Eye[edit]

  • Make your way inside the Cargo Bay 3 Lost sector.
  • Clear out the room of the Hive to have free mobility, if so inclined.
  • Step out into the middle on top of the open cargo container.
  • Turn back toward the entrance and look to find the Eye there.

DS Quarters-2 Savathun Eye[edit]

  • Make your way to the DS Quarters-2 Lost Sector accessible in the Rig.
  • Enter the Lost Sector and head through it to the second hallway.
  • Look to the right inside it, behind the crates, to find the eye.

Solarium Savathun Eye[edit]

  • Make your way through the Solarium and head through the left-hand door.
  • Continue forward through to the Arboretum.
  • Once inside there, continue to the first open room.
  • When you reach this pink lit room, turn around and look for the ledge nearby the entrance you just came through.

Festering Halls Savathun Eye[edit]

  • Make your way into the Festering Halls from the Solarium.
  • When you enter the Solarium, head through the right-hand door.
  • Enter into the room with the flooded floor, drop down and go over by the first planter.
  • Turn around and look above the walkway you just came through.
  • There you will find the Eye.