Toy Penguins in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Toy Penguins is a Collectible in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.


Toy penguins far from their home, they should be returned to them

  • Returning each penguin will award a triumph.

Penguin Locations[edit]

Penguin 1 - Cadmus Ridge[edit]

  • From the entrance of Cadmus Ridge from Charon's Crossing, head to the North, along the path to the first ledge on your right.
  • Climb up the ledge and keep hugging the right-hand wall.
  • You will find a cave entrance here, so head inside it and follow it.
  • Reach the end of the first passage, with a chamber that has a few Harpies and a Wyvern.
  • Defeat them to deactivate the shield blocking farther passage into the cave.
  • Look where the shield was to find the Penguin Souvenir.
  • Collect the Souvenir and head back to Charon's Crossing.
  • Go to the main building and head over to the right-hand door, just past the door into Varik's room.
  • Once inside this room, go to the middle, taking the stairs down, and turn to the left.
  • For the create with VA-40 on it and interact with it to place the Penguin Souvenir there.

Penguin 2 - Well of Infinitude[edit]

  • This Penguin Souvenir is found in the Well of Infinitude, so begin by making your way to Asterion Abyss.
  • From here, make your way to the Eastern side of it and head into the caves leading into the Nexus.
  • Once inside it, head over to the right, going down the slope.
  • Deal with the Harpies as needed as you make your way toward the Vex Structure here.
  • Head along the path here to reach Well of Infinitude.
  • Once in the Well, head along the path here, avoiding or fighting the Vex here.
  • Just head along the first passage, through the portion with the pool of radiolaria with a few platforms along the sides.
  • Press on, dodging the Minotaur at the end of this, and turning to the left.
  • After that, just run through the next room with the Hydra.
  • Go to the back right of this room, where you will find a shield.
  • To deactivate it, just interact with the shield to turn it off.
  • Just grab the Penguin Souvenir after that and then return to Charon's Crossing.
  • Once there, go up the building with Varkis, but continue past his door, to the next door to the Northeast.
  • Head into this room.
  • Once inside, go over to the
  • back left part of the room, next to the open bin with a number of tablets and wires inside it.
  • Place it on the paper on top of the 2 yellow bins.

Penguin 3 - Eventide Ruins[edit]

  • From the entrance from Cadmus Ridge, head to the North.
  • Start by heading toward the entrance of Riis Reborn Approach, but continue past that and go around the corner.
  • There is a Boss Captain here that can be fought and defeated who will drop a Scorch Cannon
  • Go into the first building on the left, where you would find the entrance to the Lost Sector: Bunker E15.
  • Head to the North downslope and look to the Western side to find a boulder here, nearby the doorway of the building on the slope.
  • Blast this rock to get it to move and reveal the Penguin Souvenir.
  • Collect it and return to Charon's Crossing.
  • Once there, go into the Northeastern room.
  • In this room, head over to the back right of the room, where you will find a dark blue table.
  • Place the Penguin Souvenir on the paper on this table.

Penguin 4 - Bray Exoscience[edit]

Bray Exoscience.

  • From Cadmus Ridge, make your way into Bray Exoscience.
  • Once inside, head to the back of the first proper room and exit it to through the back left door.
  • Follow this hallway to the next room, just be wary of the Fallen scattered throughout the area.
  • In this room, go toward the middle, but break off to the left of the center and take the stairs there down and through the door at the bottom of the stairs to the right.
  • Go straight through the next room to the door across from you.
  • Turn to the left and take the next hallway straight through, again, there are Fallen in your way as you sprint through it.
  • Reaching the room at the end, you will see the penguin but it is protected by a force field.
  • Clear out the Fallen in the room to deactivate it.
  • With the penguin obtained, return to Charon's Crossing.
  • Head toward the building, going past Varik's door and through the next door to the right.
  • Inside this room, go to the back right part of the room, where there is a massive spool.
  • The Penguin souvenir goes on top of the spool on the right-hand side.

Penguin 5 - Asterion Abyss[edit]

  • Enter Asterion Abyss from Charon's Crossing
  • Once here, go over to the Western side of the area, where the Vex Structures are.
  • Go around them to the tall ledge here that has the Boss Goblins on it.
  • Defeat at least 1 of the Goblins and go up to the ledge overlooking the area below.
  • Collect the Penguin souvenir before returning to Charon's Crossing.
  • Go to the room with the other Penguins.
  • Head straight forward and jump over the orange container.
  • Place the Pengiuon on its paper in front of you.

Penguin 6 - Riis-Reborn[edit]

  • Travel into the Eventide Ruins and use that path to reach to Riis-Reborn Approach as usual.
  • When you reach Riis-Reborn Approach, just follow the path as usual until you reach the large room across from the first bridge.
  • Go to the back and head through the back door.
  • Stop by the door and look to the Fallen container nearby on the right, nearby the closed door.
  • In this area, look along the base of the wall to find the Penguin Souvenir.
  • With the Souvenir collected, head back to Charon's Crossing.
  • Once there, go into the room with the souvenirs.
  • Inside there, go over to the right and to the first crate here with the 2 chairs nearby.
  • Place the souvenir on the crate.

Penguin 7 - Nexus[edit]

  • Travel out to Asterion Abyss and go over to its Eastern side and start on your way into the Nexus.
  • Once inside the Nexus, look up to the Vex Struture on the left.
  • Toward the top, you can spot an Oracle floating there, shoot it.
  • Go along the path to the right.
  • Clear out the nearby Harpies.
  • Turn back toward the entrance and look below the first part of the suspended platform.
  • You will find the second Oracle against the Ice wall under that platform.
  • Go back toward the entrance and look over the Vex Structure above the platform you were just on.
  • Look above it on the right-hand side to find the third Oracle.
  • From there, go forward, jumping over to the platform to the left on the left-hand side of the Vex Structure, over the right-hand side of the massive pit in the entrance area.
  • Go through the opening here on the platform and to its far side.
  • Look to the right to find the Fourth Oracle.
  • Jump over to where the Oracle was to find the Penguin Souvenir.
  • Collect it and return to Charon's Crossing.
  • Back at Charon's Crossing, go into the right-hand room with the rookery.
  • Once in there, immediately turn to the right and head to the front right of the area.
  • Place the Souvenir there.

Penguin 8 - Kell's Rising[edit]

  • Time to head to Eventide Ruins, follow the path forward to reach Riis-Reborn Approach and from there, take the path to the right when you get across the first bridge and into the large room.
  • Follow the path from there to get toward the teleporter to reach the path to Kell's Rising.
  • Once in Kell's Rising, continue forward across the first outdoor section, into the red-lit hallway, and into the next part.
  • When here, head to the right to find Drake, Statis Sniper.
  • Defeat them and look over to the right, where you can see some covered Fallen Containers.
  • Hop behind them to find the Penguin Souvenir.
  • Time to head back to Charon's Crossing and go to the room with the Penguins.
  • Once inside the Penguin room, go over to the right and just past the first computer bank on the right.
  • On the far side you will find the location to place the Penguin Souveniur.

Penguin 9 - Eternity[edit]

  • Head out to Cadmus Ridge and from there, make your way into Bray Exoscience.
  • Make your way to the back left door leading down toward Eternity and then follow the winding path down into the depths of the facility.
  • Once inside, start by following the path over to the right, getting across the room past it into the next hallway.
  • Drop down the open elevator shaft in front of you.
  • Turn around and head through the door at the bottom of the elevator shaft.
  • Go forward, heading to the right for the next door past the "server towers."
  • Run through the next hallway, following it over to the left and through the doorway there.
  • Get through the next room and into the next hallway.
  • Through the next door, the Guardian will be out in an open area walkway, just head along the walkway to the next door.
  • In this room with the numerous verticle lights, take the first left and head into the next room.
  • In this room with the large cylindrical tank, go over to the left of it through the door there.
  • In this corridor, the Guardian will encounter Drake, Charge Courier, whom they should defeat.
  • Collect the charge that they drop and head up the stairs, continuing along in the corridor.
  • Getting to the walkway above, turn to the left and jump off to the room you were just in below, continue on forward and follow the hallway over to the right.
  • Go forward, up the short set of stairs, and then over to the left through the next doorway into a short corridor leading through to an open area.
  • Jump the gap and make your way toward the corridor with the small platforms on the sides.
  • Continue to climb upwards along the sides of the area until you reach the platform, on the left, just before the one that would lead to the Technocrat fight.
  • On this platform is a receptacle for the charge you have been carrying.
  • Plant the charge and then the Penguin souvenir will appear just to the left of it.
  • Return to Charon's Crossing and go to the room where you have been placing all the Penguins.
  • Inside here, go to the last open space, found just inside to the right of the door you enter from.