The Quest Step, Unlock the Vault in Destiny 2: Duality.

Unlock the Vault is an objective in Duality.



Encounter Details[edit]


  • Runners - 2
  • Ringer - 1


  • Time to navigate between Reality and the Nightmare once more, with plenty of Cabal trying to kill you.
  • To begin, clear out any of the Legionaries nearby you for a little breathing space.
  • There are 2 Symbols projecting up from the floor, make note of them.
  • The Ringer goes and kills the Bellringers, while the other 2 go and find the symbols.
  • Look to the lower area of the outer section of the area to potentially find the Honored Bellkeepers.
  • Find and kill each of the pair of them.
  • You will get the message The Bell is ready to be rung.
  • Return to the center of the area.
  • Knowing the symbols, find the bell and shoot it to be taken within the Nightmare.
  • When the Runners have gotten to the their symbol, they stand on the far side of it from the center and call it out.
  • When the Ringer arrives in the Nightmare, start by killing any Nightmare Bellkeepers that manifest nearby you.
  • After that, you will need to get to the Standard Bearers that have the matching symbols.
  • By looking on the back side of the posts just off of the center, you can find the symbol.
  • Rush up the stairs to reach the top of the area.
  • At the top of each area, you will see the Symbol suspended above where the Honored Colossus is.
  • You need to kill this Colossus and all the other Cabal here to be able to summon the Standard Bearer.
  • Climb up the stairs that had the symbol in Reality while you are within the Nightmare.
  • Fight through the Legionaries here to reach the Honored Colossus at the top of the area.
  • You must kill the Honored Colossus here.
  • Once you do, the Standard Bearer will appear within the Nightmare.
  • Kill them then claim the Standard Essence, as well as 15 extra seconds before the Nightmare Collapses.
  • If solo, just head for the Bell and shoot it to return to Reality.
  • If in a Fireteam, a Guardian should kill the Nightmare Bellkeepers here, while the other 2 head up the appropriate stairs to kill the Colossus and claim the standard from the Standard Bearer.
  • Once both standards are planted, then the damage against the Nightmare can begin.
  • First you will need to kill Nightmare of Ka'hok, Sworn of Umun'arath.
  • With their protective shield gone, start hitting them hard, with your Super, Heavy Weapons: everything.
  • Kill them will give you the message, Something clicks within the vault door...
  • Now, once again, go into the lower areas of the outer portion of the arena to find (and kill) the Honored Bellkeepers that are about.
  • Prime the bell with their deaths, make note of the symbols projected in the center of the area then use the Bell to return to the Nightmare.
  • Enter the Nightmare, and repeat when you just did, kill the Nightmare Bellkeepers, then go for the stairs that lead up to where the Colossus guards the Standard Bearer.
  • Solo, remember, just one standard at a time, Fireteam, ideally both standards.
  • When the Standard(s) are collected, head to the Bell and ring it to return to Reality.
  • Time to deal with Nightmare of Emonut, Sworn of Moli Imoli.
  • Once again, unload on them.
  • Defeating them, you will get the message, Something clicks within the vault door...
  • You need to repeat this whole sequence one more time to complete the encounter now.
  • This time, you will need to defeat Nightmare of Uroa, Sworn of Shayotet
  • Kill them to complete
  • You will get the message, You have opened a door you cannot close
  • When you are ready, find the chest then go through the now open door in the floor.