The Story Mission, “Vision of the Light: in Destiny 2.

Vision of the Light is a Milestone in Destiny 2.


Vision of the Light[edit]

  • Complete the first Forsaken Story Mission:
  • Complete Adventures, Lost Sectors, Strikes, Crucible Matches, or defeat Powerful Foes.


  • Go to the Tangled Shore, the new area you gain access to after completing .
  • Complete the story mission, High Plain Blues to unlock the area in full, allowing you access to The Spider and everything else.
  • Complete Patrols, whatever Lost Sectors you can find, to begin and between Public Events.
  • The Cyro-Pod public event to earn a LOT of these "Visions of Light"
  • When you have collected enough, the Guardian will be sent to Io to complete a special Solo quest.
  • Complete the quest to unlock the New Subclass, simply consume the Seed of Light you receive for clearing the Lost Sector in the milestone.
  • Now that you have the new subclass unlocked, you will need to go around and kill a lot of enemies with it equipped.
  • You will unlock the rest of the new tree when you get enough kills using this new portion of the Subclass.

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Additional Notes[edit]

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